BMW | BMW Mini Timing Kit

N13 | N18
SKU: ET1518A


This timing kit is designed for N13 | N18 1.6L 16V DOHC petrol engines on BMW | BMW Mini vehicles.

The kit locks / aligns the camshafts and crankshaft during the servicing of the timing chain, and other engine repairs.

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

Rigid Chain Tensioner

11 9 340

Engine Code(s)

N13B16A, N18B16A, N18B16C, N12B16A, N14B16A

Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
BMW MiniMini CooperR55N12B16A1.6L20082010
BMW MiniMini CooperR56N12B16A1.6L20072010
BMW MiniMini CooperR57N12B16A1.6L20092010
BMW MiniMini OneR56N12B16A1.6L20102019
BMW MiniCooperR55N14B16A1.6L20132019
BMW MiniCooper SR56N14B16A1.6L20072010
BMW MiniCooper SR55N14B16A1.6L20102015
BMW MiniCooper SR58N18B16A1.6L20122019
BMW MiniCooper SR59N18B16A1.6L20122019
BMW MiniCooper SR61N18B16A1.6L20132017
BMW MiniCountryman SR60N18B16A1.6L20112017
BMW MiniCooperR61N18B16C1.6L20132017
BMW MiniCountrymanR60N18B16C1.6L20132017
Barcode # 9321280369313
Brand Automotive
Vehicle Make BMW
Vehicle Make BMW Mini

12 Months

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