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Fiat Timing Kit

Fiat Timing Kit

An updated version of the ET1534 kit to suit the latest Alfa / Fiat 1.2L | 1.4L petrol engines.

This kit contains the timing tools required to cover the belt replacement procedure for the both early and later variant of these engines. It includes a piston height gauge, camshaft and crankshaft tools, tensioner adjuster, and camshaft sprocket locking tool.

This Fiat range of 1.2L 16V petrol engine was first introduced as long ago as 1997 in the Punto, and a number of variant releases including the 1.4L range of 16 valve/T-Jet engines

The majority of these engines use the same timing tool combination and procedure for the timing belt replacement. However, engine code 192B2.000, 198A1.000, 198A4.000 and 199A8.000 require an additional tool to Ôlock' the camshaft sprocket, while engine code 169A3.000 requires a different tool combination and has a slightly different procedure.

All these timing tools are included in this kit.

  • Applications: Alfa Giulietta | Mito, Fiat 500 | Doplo | Punto | Ritmo

Holden Timing Kit

Holden Timing Kit

This kit is for Fiat chain drive engines fitted to the latest Holden models (04-). It contains the auxiliary drive belt tensioner locking tool, the inlet & exhaust camshaft locking tools including the stubby high pressure fuel pump locking screw when pump is in situ. ALSO used on SAAB 9-3 1.9L TiD/TTiD Z19DTH / Z19DTR (04-09) / 9-5 1.9L TiD Z19DTH / Z19DTR (03-10).

Fiat Timing Kit

Fiat Timing Kit

This timing kit is designed for the 1.3L 16V double camshaft diesel engine which is used in a wide range of vehicles including Alfa, Fiat, Ford, Holden and Suzuki.

The chain drive connects to the cranshaft to the camshaft output which in turn is connected by the gear to the camshaft input.

  • Engine codes: 169A1.000 | 199A3.000

Fiat Timing Kit

Fiat Timing Kit

Master timing kit for Alfa vehicles with 1.4 | 1.6 | 1.8 | 2.0 | 3.0 4 & 6 cylinder engines.

Alfa | Fiat Timing Kit Alfa | Fiat Timing Kit

Alfa | Fiat Timing Kit

A specialised timing kit for Fiat's new 1.3L JTD multi jet 16V diesel chain driven engine. This kit contains all necessary tools to check and adjust the camshaft timing, service the cam chain and perform complete engine rebuilds whilst maintaining correct timing.

  • Applications: Alfa Romeo Mito, Fiat 500 | Grande Punto | Punto, Suzuki Swift
  • Engine codes: 169A1.000 | 199A3.000 | D13A

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