JLR | PSA Timing Kit

2.7TD V6
SKU: ET1847


This kit is designed for timing belt replacement on 2.7L | 3.0L V6 diesel engines on Land Rover (TDV6), Jaguar, and Citroen engines.

  • Engine codes: JLR 276DT | 306DT | AJV6D, Citroen DT20C

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

Timing Belt Retaining Clip





Camshaft Sprocket Timing Pins




Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool



Flywheel Locking Tool (Manual Trans)



Flywheel Locking Tool (Auto Trans)



Flywheel Locking Tool



Coolant Pump Pulley Pin


Engine Code(s)

306DT, AJV6D, DT20C, 276DT

Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
Land RoverDiscoverySeries 3276DT2.7L20052009
Land RoverDiscoverySeries 4276DT2.7L20092012
Land RoverDiscoverySeries 4306DT3.0L20122017
Land RoverRange RoverLG306DT3.0L2013
Land RoverDiscoverySeries 5306DT3.0L2016
Range RoverSport306DT3.0L20092016
Range RoverSportLW306DT3.0L2013
Range RoverVelar306DT3.0L2017
SKU ET1847
Barcode # 9321280351769
Brand Automotive
Product weight 1.1000kg
Shipping weight 1.100000kg
Vehicle Make JLR
Vehicle Make PSA

12 Months

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It allows the camshaft pulley to be locked using the timing pin while securing the flywheel / ring gear with the locking pin & plate. The cam belt transmits drive from crankshaft to camshaft then from one camshaft to the other by chain located in the cylinder head.

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  • Applications: Ford Transit VH VJ VM | Jaguar X-Type X400
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  • JLR 3.0L | 3.2L Turbo engine (07-)
  • Volvo T6: S80 | XC 60 | XC70 | XC9
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  • Engine codes: AJ126 | 306PS | 508PN | 508PS
  • OEM Equiv: 303-1437 | 303-1438 | 303-1439 | 303-1439 | 303-1440 | 303-1441

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JLR Timing Kit

A specialised kit containing all tools required to lock the new JLR 2.0L ÒIngenium" diesel engine in its timed position so that the engine timing chain can be safely removed and replaced and the engine timing checked.

This kit includes a tool for locking the fuel pump sprocket and chain in a fixed position when removing / replacing the fuel pump.

  • Engine codes: AJ-200D (AJ200D), 204DT, 204DTD
  • OEM Equiv: 303-1625 | 303-1627 | 303-1630 | 303-1631