Air Boy Jet Washer

SKU: 124102010

Air Boy

Effective Cleaning Without Splash Back

The Jet Washer is a powerful washing gun which allows you to wash effectively without damaging the surface with high pressure. By using a combination of compressed air and water, the ideal conditions for washing where more power is needed than a common water supply can provide, are given. The Jet Washer is designed to allow operators to come close without getting wet. There is no splash back.

By using the adjustments for both air and water flow, the Air Boy Jet Washer can easily be set for the requested output. Furthermore it is possible to turn off the water directly on the washing gun. Additionally the built-in swivel allows the connected water hose to rotate freely around the washing gun. The water can be connected wither by using the supplied nipple (1/2 /¿13 mm) that fits most common water couplings or by using the built in 3/4 GHT water hose thread.

The Air Boy Jet Washer comes as a standard with a wide washing nozzle, which easily can be changed for other nozzles - e.g. the Jet Flusher nozzle.

  • Powerful washing gun with wide washing nozzle.
  • No splash back. Great mobility with built in swivel.
  • Powerful washing guns that clean effectively without damaging the surface with high pressure.
  • Combines compressed air and water. Safer than high pressure blasting.
  • Both air and water flow are adjustable.
  • Nozzles are interchangeable and replaceable.
  • Connects to standard water connectors.

SKU 124102010
Barcode # 9321280402201
Brand Air Boy
Product weight 0.4000kg
Shipping weight 1.030000kg

24 Months

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