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Locking Magnetic Socket Rail

3/8" Sq Drv
SKU: ET2276


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  • 14 locking socket clips
  • Magnetic base
  • 3/8" Sq Drv

SKU ET2276
Barcode # 9321280401365
Brand Automotive
Shipping weight 0.2800kg

12 Months

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Battery Terminal Crimper Kit

Battery Terminal Crimper Kit

Comprehensive non insulated terminal and Anderson plug crimper kit for battery terminal applications.

  • Non insulated terminals
  • 50 Amp housing / contacts / dust cover / handles / clamps
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12V / 24V Battery Tester 12V / 24V Battery Tester

12V / 24V Battery Tester

Test battery charge / health for all 12V auto batteries and alternator / crank systems for 12V / 24V batteries, including new stop start batteries.

Print test results using the built in printer.

  • Tests all main battery standards
  • Max load voltage tests for 12V / 24V
  • Short circuit / reverse polarity protection

12V Battery System Tester

12V Battery System Tester

This advanced system tester is designed to test all 12V auto batteries including lead, AGM, EFB, GEL etc. The unit tests battery condition PLUS charging (alternator) and starter (crank) systems.

The battery test analyses battery health status to calculate actual cold cranking capability of the battery. The tester will advise whether the battery needs replacing, and is also able to identify a faulty battery before actual failure.

The cranking test analyses the starting circuit (including the starter motor) by measuring increases in starting torque load. The charging test analyses the charging system, detecting under or overcharging.

  • Testing range: 100 - 2,000CCA

12V Car Jump Starter

12V Car Jump Starter

Our most powerful standard 12V jump starter! Extra grunt for the most demanding jump start applications!

  • Up to 8L diesel!
  • A must have for professional workshops.
  • 2.1A USB and 12V DC outputs.
  • 1400 Peak CCA
  • 20,000 mAh battery

12V OBD Memory Saver Cable

12V OBD Memory Saver Cable

Save vehicle memory when changing batteries. Simply connect cable to vehicle's OBDII port, and other end to a 12V power source.

  • 2.5m cable
  • Alligator clips
  • For 12V systems only

4 Way TPMS Valve Tool 4 Way TPMS Valve Tool

4 Way TPMS Valve Tool

SKU: ET6037

4 Way TPMS Valve Tool

A handy tool for removing and replacing the 11mm and 12mm TPMS sensor nuts and reseating the bevelled and non bevelled sensor grommets.

  • 4 way design
  • 11mm | 12mm TPMS sensor nuts