Personal CO Monitor

SKU: ET9806
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Monitor ambient carbon monoxide levels. Audible / vibrating / visual alarms.

  • Long life CO sensor with 5 year expected life
  • Measures from 0 - 999ppm CO
  • Made in UK quality

SKU ET9806
Barcode # 9321280399426

12 Months

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Iroda Gas Torch Iroda Gas Torch

Iroda Gas Torch


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Iroda Gas Torch

  • Auto ignition
  • Adjustable flame length
  • Safety switch

Plastic Sump Plug Kit

Plastic Sump Plug Kit


SKU: ET1604B

Plastic Sump Plug Kit

Special tool for plastic sump plugs on late model VAG 1.8 | 2.0 TSI | TFSI engines. Plus cam cover on 1.6 | 2.0 TDI

  • Supplied with 3 plastic sump plugs (refer ET1604C for details).
  • OEM Equiv: T10549

Foxwell Scan Tool

Foxwell Scan Tool

Single Make

SKU: ET2330


Foxwell Scan Tool

OE level diagnosis on ALL electronic systems FOR SPECIFIC VEHICLE MAKES. Advanced functions include bi-directional component actuation & module coding

Foxwell Scan Tool

Foxwell Scan Tool


SKU: ET6440


Foxwell Scan Tool

Asian | European | US vehicle coverage. Full engine scan functionality. PLUS: Oil service reset, ABS, Air Bag, EPB

Iroda SolderPro 50K Iroda SolderPro 50K

Iroda SolderPro 50K

Well priced for the trade user

  • Manual ignition
  • Includes solder and more

Black Snake Impact Wrench

Black Snake Impact Wrench

The Black Rattler family are premium quality impact wrenches for the professional user. Offering the highest performance available in impact wrenches today, backed by a 24 month warranty

  • Variable Speed trigger
  • One handed Forward / Reverse
  • Composite motor housing

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12V / 24V Battery Tester 12V / 24V Battery Tester

12V / 24V Battery Tester

Test battery charge / health for all 12V auto batteries and alternator / crank systems for 12V / 24V batteries, including new stop start batteries.

Print test results using the built in printer

  • Tests all main battery standards
  • Max load voltage tests for 12V / 24V
  • Short circuit / reverse polarity protection

Air Con Stretch Belt Tool Air Con Stretch Belt Tool

Air Con Stretch Belt Tool

A specialised fitment tool for stretch belts fitted to the Air Conditioning compressor systems on late model Subaru 2.5L engines.

  • Engine: 2.5L
  • Applications: Impreza | Forester | Outback (08-13)

Ajax Hose Driver Kit

Ajax Hose Driver Kit

This kit contains three magnetic nutsetters which are ideal for use with cordless drivers to fasten / remove common sizes of hose clamps.

  • 7mm | 8mm | 10mm
  • 55mm overall length
  • 1/4" hex drive
  • Magnetised

Battery Terminal Crimper Kit

Battery Terminal Crimper Kit

Comprehensive non insulated terminal crimper kit for battery terminal applications.

  • Non insulated terminals
  • 50 Amp housing / contacts / dust cover / handles / clamps
  • Ratcheting crimper (AWG 20-16 | 16-14 | 12-10 | 8
  • Cable cutters (cuts up to 38mm2 soft wire)

Brake Bleeder Wrench

Brake Bleeder Wrench




Brake Bleeder Wrench

A very convenient tool to use in conjunction with the ETWH505HA pressure brake bleeder. Use the wrench to open the nipple. Used brake fluid then flows through the hose (into any convenient disposal bottle). The one way valve prevents air from reentering the system.

  • 10mm brake bleeder wrench
  • Silicone hose, with one way valve