Kane Personal CO Monitor

SKU: ET9806

Monitor ambient carbon monoxide levels. Audible / vibrating / visual alarms.

  • Long life CO sensor with 5 year expected life
  • Measures from 0 - 999ppm CO
  • Made in UK quality

SKU ET9806
Barcode # 9321280399426
Brand Kane
Shipping weight 0.3000kg

12 Months

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Kane Gas Analyser Kane Gas Analyser

Kane Gas Analyser

5 Gas

SKU: ET9810

Kane Gas Analyser

Gas analysers can accurately & quickly confirm or deny faults in the oxygen sensor and catalytic systems.

By hooking up each car that comes in, you can quickly identify whether engine issues exist - confirm via scan tool - and afterwards confirm that the engine service has been effective.

  • Kane gas analysers - Made in the UK - are market leaders. Compact, they can be taken to the vehicle, and used on drive tests to log engine data.
  • The 4 gas version is ideal for petrol engines. The 5 gas version adds NOx, to test diesel emissions (essential, especially for equipment used in underground mines / enclosed areas).
  • Optional printer (ET9890) for test reports available.
  • Fully portable 4 (CO | CO2 | HC | O2 & Lambda / AFR) & 5 gas (NOx) analysers .
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fast warm up
  • Print to PC via wireless, plus Android App

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Kane Hydrocarbon Detector

Kane Hydrocarbon Detector

Highly sensitive hydrocarbon gas leak detector (<50ppm methane). Solid state semi conductor sensor.

  • Audible tic rate & multi coloured LED indicators
  • Gases detected include acetone, ammonia, industrial solvents, methane, natural gas, petrol, propane

Power Smoke Truck & Turbo Leak Detector

Power Smoke Truck & Turbo Leak Detector

Power Smoke is a high pressure Smoke Machine & Diagnostic finding leaks in TURBO'S / TRUCK'S / HEAVY VEHICLE'S!

  • Perform leakdown tests to detect even the smallest of air leaks
  • Variable Pressure | Variable Flow
  • Powered by 240 V AC or 12 V DC
  • Includes Master Accessory Kit
  • 3-20 PSI Range

SmokePro Body Pro

SmokePro Body Pro

Special patented adaptor produces a fluffy, high dense vapour with long hang time, making air disturbance leaks easy to see.

Quickly solves time consuming wind & water leaks, saving valuable repair time for body & collision repair shops.

SmokePro PowerSmoke

SmokePro PowerSmoke

Diagnose leaks with 100% accuracy. Simple 1 minute test cycle with clear green / red pass / fail indicator

Find leaks fast with the electronic handheld Nanoleak detecctor

Certify leak free status with 100% certainty


  • Test pressure up to 135PSI
  • Runs on shop air / 12V DC
  • Weighs only 8.2kg

SmokePro ReadySmoke SmokePro ReadySmoke

SmokePro ReadySmoke

Leak Detector

SKU: ET5004

SmokePro ReadySmoke

Made in USA quality, yet at an affordable low price. Compact size, and under 4kg.
No expensive dyes needed. Injects smoke into the engine - EASILY find vacuum leaks. Avoid incorrect diagnosis and parts guessing.

  • Includes accessory kit
  • Uses shop air / 12V DC power