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Clore 12V Battery Stabiliser / Battery Charger

Clore 12V Battery Stabiliser / Battery Charger

A stable power supply is essential when flashing / reprogramming / calibrating ADAS. This unit outputs 100A indefinitely, with variable voltage. Plus functions as a 60A battery charger.

Based in Kansas USA, Clore has a 50 year heritage in developing battery technology for automotive professionals.

  • 100A battery stabiliser
  • 13.1V - 14.9V (0.1V increments)
  • 60A / 40A / 10A battery charging modes
  • Extremely low peak to peak ripple voltage
  • Adjustable voltage output 13.1~14.9v
  • 7-phase battery charging sequence. 60A / 40A/ 10A modes
  • No voltage drop
  • Quick response time 8x faster than competing models
  • Clean, stable power perfect for reprogramming
  • 13 Ft Cables
  • Winner of Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools award 2020