12V / 24V Battery Tester

12V / 24V Battery Tester

Designed in Japan, this professional quality unit tests all 12V auto batteries, including new auxiliary batteries for Toyota hybrids.

  • Battery charging level
  • Battery condition
  • Engine start performance
  • Charging system (alternator)
  • Tests auxiliary batteries for Toyota Hybrids
  • Unused battery test mode
  • 24V batteries: Start Performance & Charging System tests

Automotive Oscilloscope | DMM

Automotive Oscilloscope | DMM

State of the art 2-in-1 multimeter / oscilloscopes. Essential functionality for complex diagnosis. Combines 2 channel multimeter with True RMS automotive DMM.

  • 2 MS/s sampling rate
  • Bandwidth: DC to 200kHz
  • Waveform record & replay
  • DC/AC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, Temperature DMM functions
  • Dot matrix LCD
  • 4 LR6 batteries(included)

Digital Clamp Meter

Digital Clamp Meter


SKU: ET7718


Digital Clamp Meter

Starter current, alternator current & battery voltage measurement. Measures up to 1000A AC / DC. Functions include Continuity, Diode test, Capacitance, peak hold, Max / Min, and difference measurements.

  • IEC-61010-1 (CAT III 600V, EMC Test Passed)
  • Conductor dia: 35mm
  • True RMS

Digital Clamp Meter

Digital Clamp Meter

Low DC Current

SKU: ET7830


Digital Clamp Meter

Extremely accurate meter for dark current & alternator charging current measurement. For professional workshops.

  • 5mA - 4000mA DC range for dark current measurement
  • 40A / 200A DC range for normal DC current measurement
  • Conductor dia: 20mm
  • Noise cut clamp core
  • Stable LCD readings even with low current
  • IEC 61010-1 (CAT III 300V CAT I 600V, EMC Test Passed)