ET3010 Code Reader USB Cable


Barcode # 9321280413283
Brand Foxwell


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Battery Printer Paper Roll

Battery Printer Paper Roll


Battery Printer Paper Roll

Spare paper roll for the optional Bluetooth printer for the BT705.

Battery Tester Replacement Roll Battery Tester Replacement Roll

Battery Tester Replacement Roll

Replacement paper rolls for the Foxwell ET0780 battery tester.

Foxwell 12V | 24V VCI

Foxwell 12V | 24V VCI


Foxwell 12V | 24V VCI

A bluetooth enabled VCI unit for use with the Foxwell GT90Plus scan tool. This new VCI unit is 12V / 24V compatible, and is backward compatible with all versions of the GT90Plus scan tool.

  • 12V | 24V compatible
  • This version is required to scan 24V light vehicles where there is coverage available on the GT90Plus.

Foxwell Automotive Oscilloscope

Foxwell Automotive Oscilloscope

Professional 4 channel Oscilloscope kit. Integrates directly with GT80PLUS / GT90PLUS scan tool & compatible with any Windows PC.

  • 4 Channels and EXT trigger, 60MHz bandwidth
  • More than 20 kinds of automatic measurement and PASS / FAIL check functions
  • 1GSa/s real time sampling rate
  • Input voltage range: 8-36V
  • Easy to use
  • Print / email function for waveforms

Foxwell Battery Analyser Foxwell Battery Analyser

Foxwell Battery Analyser

Test all 12V auto batteries including stop / start AGM & EFB. Also tests 12V & 24V starting and charging systems. Tests up to 2,000CCA.

  • Tests internal resistance
  • Ripple voltage test