Metal Intake Filter

3/4" BSP
SKU: 190FAM12

99%+ removal efficiency standard: Paper = 2 micron, Polyester = 5 micron

Ability to mount vertically, horizontally

Durable carbon steel construction with powder coated finish or galvanized steel

Filter change out differential: 10” – 15” in. H2O above initial Delta P

Fully drawn weather hood- no wealds to rust or vibrate apart

Interchangeable elements: Polyester, Paper, HEPA

Patented high grade filter element

Temp (continuous): min -15o F (-26 o C) max 220 o F (104 oC)

Tubular silencing design- tube is positioned to maximize attenuation and air flow while minimizing pressure drop

Typical noise attenuation up to 25 dB’s

SKU 190FAM12
Barcode # 9335111003147
Brand Sonsbeek
Size 3/4" BSP
Type Intake Filter / Metal
Material Metal


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When ordering please order a reading higher than the expected operating conditions, as it may stretch if used continuously on the maximum readout.

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Liquid Filled Gauges are NOT SUITABLE where oxidising agents are used as:

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