Endeavour 50W Soldering Iron



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Our most powerful unit yet - now with 50W soldering power - for the most heavy duty tasks.

  • 10 second fast start
  • 45 minutes continuous runtime
  • 5mm chisel tip / 1.5mm cone tip / heat shrink tip
  • Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray

Barcode # 9321280399945
Brand Endeavour
Shipping weight 0.6000kg

12 Months

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PRO-30 Soldering Tip PRO-30 Soldering Tip

PRO-30 Soldering Tip

Heat Shrink


PRO-30 Soldering Tip

Specialised heat shrink tip for the ETPRO-30 rechargeable soldering iron. This tips allows the ETPRO-30 soldering iron to be used as a flamless heat gun for heat shrink applications.

Endeavour Conical Tip

Endeavour Conical Tip



Endeavour Conical Tip

This conical tip is designed for use with the Endeavour series of rechargeable soldering irons.

  • 1.5mm conical tip
  • Suits ETPRO-30 / ETPRO-50 soldering irons

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Accurately measures the strength of battery fluid, screenwash, antifreeze (including synthetics) and aqueous / urea AdBlue¨ content.

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  • Simple calibration using distilled water
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Iroda Gas Torch

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Hose Clamp Flexible Driver

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  • 7mm hex socket
  • 150mm flexible shaft / 260mm OL

Foxwell Workshop Scan Tool Foxwell Workshop Scan Tool

Foxwell Workshop Scan Tool

  • Battery configuration
  • Steering angle sensor
  • Throttle body alignment
  • ABS / Airbag reset
  • Oil light reset
  • EPB service
  • DPF
  • TPMS
  • Gear Learning
  • Injector coding
  • Australian Ford / Holden coverage
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Talks to over 76 Makes

Deutsch Crimper Kit

Deutsch Crimper Kit

Quick Change

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Deutsch Crimper Kit

Widely used by Caterpillar, Harley, Kenworth etc. This kit contains 6 dies for common Deutsch terminals.

  • K1: AWG 14/12 (DT / P)
  • K2: AWG 10/12 (DT / P)
  • K3: AWG 18/16/14 (DT / M)
  • K4: AWG 20/18/16 (DT / M)
  • K5: AWG 20/18 (DT / M)
  • K6: AWG 16/14/12 (DT / P)

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12V / 24V Battery Tester

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12V / 24V Battery Tester 12V / 24V Battery Tester

12V / 24V Battery Tester

Test battery charge / health for all 12V auto batteries and alternator / crank systems for 12V / 24V batteries, including new stop start batteries.

Print test results using the built in printer.

  • Tests all main battery standards
  • Max load voltage tests for 12V / 24V
  • Short circuit / reverse polarity protection

12V Battery System Tester

12V Battery System Tester


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12V Battery System Tester

Tests all 12V auto batteries including lead, AGM, EFB, GEL etc. Tests battery condition PLUS charging (alternator) and starter (crank) systems.

  • Testing range: 100 - 2,000CCA

12V Battery Tester

12V Battery Tester

Advanced tester for 12V lithium batteries. Also suitable for testing motorcycle batteries.

  • Testing range: 20 - 1,000 CCA

12V Car Jump Starter

12V Car Jump Starter

1400A Peak CCA

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12V Car Jump Starter

Our most powerful standard 12V jump starter! Extra grunt for the most demanding jump start applications!

  • Up to 8L diesel!
  • A must have for professional workshops.
  • 2.1A USB and 12V DC outputs.
  • 1400 Peak CCA
  • 20,000 mAh battery