Air Breathing Hose

20m Coil | 10mm ID | Fitted
SKU: 200AB1020F

Australian Made Air Breathing Hose With Air Breathing Fittings

Hose Style
Hose Type
Internal Dia
Min Burst Pressure
Working Pressure

  • 10mm ID
  • 20m long
  • With Air Breathing fittings
  • Australian made

SKU 200AB1020F
Barcode # 9321280345034
Brand Sonsbeek
Hose Style Fitted hose
Hose Type Air Breathing
Internal Dia 10mm
Length 20m
Material PVC
Min Burst Pressure 9.6 MPA
Working Pressure 348 PSI


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Air breathing hose is also available fitted with air breathing fittings. Air breathing fittings are also available separately.

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