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KEEPER TOOL Isyourcar compatible? Checkhere Toplight Twinmagnetsonrear USBcharging Magneticbase PRE/POST SCAN REPORTS FULL VEHICLESCAN FUNCTIONALITY AUSTRALIAN FORD/HOLDEN COVERAGE ALLMAJOR SERVICE FUNCTIONS WIFI CONNECTIVITY 2YEAR FREE UPDATES 7"DAYLIGHTREADABLELCDSCREEN ANDROID5.1 WIFI,MICROUSB,USB QUADCOREPROCESSOR 32GBHARDDRIVE 1GBRAM 5MPREARCAMERA 4000MAHLITHIUMBATTERY ■ Tests Flooded / AGM / Gel batteries ■ Print test reports on PC ■ 100 - 1,100CCA ■ Lifetime free updates Read codes / clear check engine light on OBDII compatible vehicles, PLUS test 12V automotive batteries. OBDII CODE READER & BATTERY TESTER RECHARGEABLE INSPECTION LIGHT Innovative 360° swivel & tilt, using a unique ball joint design. Twomagnets on back / one on bottom for hands free usage. Simple USB charging. 7 SMD's generate 400 Lumen. RECHARGEABLE POCKET LIGHT Adjustable 5WSMD 500 lumen light. Memory function retains light intensity. Pocket clip. FLASHLIGHT WITH UV & LASER All-in-one flashlight, laser pointer & UV light. Head pivots 90°. Rear magnet plus pocket clip. 5WLED 360˚ ROTATION I70 WORKSHOP SCAN TOOL A high powered android tablet offering unbeatable value for money. Full vehicle scan functionality (more than just Engine / Gearbox / ABS / SRS). We've now added ABS Bleeding and Immobiliser functions to the already extensive list of service functions. Pre / Post scan reports are just a click away with inbuilt wifi. OIL FUNNEL MASTER KIT Quickly fill engine oil without spillage. This kit has a wide range of adaptors that screw on, and is suitable for vehicles with internal baffles or shields. ■ 2 litre capacity. ■ Made from heavy duty polyurethane. ■ Application list included. PHILLIPS ® : #0×75 | #1×75 #2×150 | #3×150mm MASTER SCREWDRIVER KIT Sunflag's premium screwdriver kit. Magnetised / tang thru drivers with the famous soft rubber grip. In EVA tray. STUBBY: Ph: #2×30mm | #2 Mini Sl: 6.0 × 30mm SLOTTED: 3.0×75mm 5.5×75mm 6.0×100mm 8.0×150mm 9.5×350mm 1 August • 31 October 2020 AUTOMATIC VIN RECOGNITION TROUBLE CODE DATABASE CHECK BATTERY HEALTH $ 189 ET2709 $ 145 888-12V 12 PCE $ 95 LED-360 $ 89 LED-170 $ 69 LED-190 $ 1695 ET6742 $ 195 ET0420 14 PCE NEW NEW NEW NEW