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2 MULTIMETERS / OSCILLOSCOPES AUTOMOTIVE A specialist multimeter for the automotive professional. Auto / manual ranging DMMwith inductive pick up & K type temperature probe. RPMmeasurement, millisecond pulse duty cycle, dwell angle. Data hold & relative functions. Supplied in a sturdy plastic case. BLUETOOTH Bluetooth 4.0 & smartphone app makes this a very powerful / functional multimeter! REMOTEVIEWING/ CONTROL Usetheapptoremotely view /controlthe multimeter, log/graph livedata. Idealfor hazardousenvironments orremotemeasurement (egtrailers)etc DATA LOGGING Offline recording function on multimeter. Up to 7 days. View data on the app. MULTIPLE DEVICES Connect multiple multimeters to the app to graph multiple data sources in realtime. GETAPP ■ AC / DC voltage. 20A current ■ Resistance / capacitance / frequency / duty ratio / temperature ■ Data hold & relative measurement Professional multimeter with oscilloscope functions. Fast A/D converting sampling rate, built in data logging, and trend capture Bluetooth enabled, with App. IP67 rated. AUTO & MANUAL RANGING Next generation multimeter. Automatically switches between Amps and Volts based on probe selection. Push button function selection. Backlight. Temperature probe. AUTO RANGING Australia's best value / feature rich entry level auto ranging multimeter. NONCONTACT VOLTAGE TEMPERATURE PROBE AUTOMODE -VOLTAGE/ RESISTANCE/ CONTINUITY NONCONTACT VOLTAGE 9000COUNTS TRIPLEFUNCTION DISPLAY A powerful oscilloscope (using standard BNC connectors) with a high sampling rate. Ideal for automotive use givenmultimeter functions combined with a powerful scope. 100MS/s sampling rate. 2 CHANNEL BNCCONNECTORS 4 CHANNEL AUTOMOTIVE OSCILLOSCOPE KIT Our recommended starter kit for mechanics. EASY TO USE, with local TECHNICAL SUPPORT, plus all the key accessories to get you started. Over 30 preset component tests - just hook up and goWITHOUT the need to set voltage scales, trigger or time bases. MEASURE and TEST almostallelectrical components / circuits Software PRELOADED on the GT90. Or use with anyWindows PC. 1000V CAT III HYBRID OSCILLOSCOPES 1 CHANNEL Starter current, alternator current & battery voltage measurement. Measures up to 1000A AC / DC. Functions include Continuity, Diode test, Capacitance, peak hold, Max / Min, and difference measurements. AC / DC CLAMPMETER ■ Maximum sampling rate: 4 independent 20 MS/s ADCs ■ Power supply range: 9V - 36V DC REMOTE TESTING / DATA LOGGING ■ Bandwidth: 20MHz ■ Waveform record & replay ■ DC/AC Voltage / Current / Impedance / Capacitance ■ DMM functions ■ 3.8” colour display ■ Rechargeable battery ■ 20MHz / 50MS/s bandwidth / real time sampling rate ■ 320 x 240 px TFT colour LCD display ■ CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V ■ Rechargeable battery ■ IP67 dustproof & waterproof ■ Fused current inputs and overload protection ■ High contrast 4000 counts display with backlight ■ IEC-61010-1 (CAT III 600V, EMC Test Passed) ■ Conductor dia: 35mm ■ True RMS ■ Includes acupuncture probe set, insulated piercing test clips, attenuators (10:1 & 20:1), 25A crocodile clips. Other accessories available separately. Our best selling entry level multimeter. High quality, with core functionality including temperature probe. ■ Current (10A DC) / Voltage (DC) / Resistance ■ Continuity / Diode tests ■ Temperature (-20 to 1,000 degrees C) ■ 9V battery included INCLUDES TEMPERATURE PROBE AUSTRALIAN BASED TECHNICAL SUPPORT INSULATION TESTER Professional multimeter with insulation test function ■ Conforms to EN61010 / CAT III (1000V)/ CAT IV (600V) ■ True RMS / IP67 waterproof rating ■ Use standalone or link wirelessly to a PC ■ Supplied with high voltage probes, thermocouple and wireless USB cable $ 1949 ET0103S $ 529 ET2144 1000V CAT III $ 159 ET2504 1000V CAT III $ 209 ET2604 1000V CAT III $ 1049 ET7842 $ 199 ET7718 $ 879 ET2704 1000V CAT III $ 95 ET2301D 600V CAT III $ 49 ET2301B 600V CAT III $ 34 ET2301A 600V CAT III