VAG Timing Kit

2.4L | 3.2L | 4.2L FSI
SKU: ET1077


Valve timing kit for late model Audi FSI chain driven engines common to V6 | V8 | V10 engines.

  • OEM Equiv: T40069 | T40070 | T40071

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

VAG Crankshaft Locking Screw



Camshaft Locking Tool



Tensioner Locking Pin


Engine Code(s)


Vehicle Make Model Series Engine Code Engine Size Year Start Year End
AudiA4AUK3.2L FSI20042008
AudiA6AUK3.2L FSI20042008
AudiQ7BAR4.2L FSI20062010
AudiA6BDW2.4L FSI20042008
AudiRS4BNS4.2L FSI20052008
AudiA8BPK3.2L FSI20052010
AudiS8BSM5.2L FSI20052010
AudiRS6BUH5.0L TFSI20072010
AudiR8BUJ5.2L FSI20092013
AudiA6BVJ4.2L FSI20062013
AudiS6BXA5.2L FSI20052010
AudiR8BYH4.2L FSI20072013
AudiS5CAUA4.2L FSI20072011
AudiRS Q38UCTSA2.5L20142015
AudiRS Q38UCZGA2.5L2015
SKU ET1077
Barcode # 9321280328631
Brand Automotive
Vehicle Make VAG

12 Months

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Spline Impact Socket Set

This handy kit contains popular sizes of Spline impact sockets in two lengths. Essential sockets for vehicle maintenance.

Packaged in a handy plastic case.

  • M14 - 40 & 75mm long
  • M16 - 40 & 75mm long
  • M18 - 40 & 75mm long

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

Specialised locking tool kit for 5th generation diesel Blue Motion engines. Set includes crankshaft locking tools for both styles of VAG sprockets.

VAG Camshaft Holding Bracket VAG Camshaft Holding Bracket

VAG Camshaft Holding Bracket

Size: 685mm O/A x 6mm & 8mm pins each side x 54mm distance x 40mm hole dia. USE with ET1105-4, ET1657, ET1205B & ET1297.

  • Engine code: ACK | AGA | APR
  • OEM Equiv: 3391

VAG Timing Kit

VAG Timing Kit

This set suits gear driven engines with camshaft followers controlling injection timing commonly fitted to diesel engines or engines without overhead camshafts used to drive injection pumps with helical cut teeth or spur gears with straight cut or backlash reduction systems.

To increase working life of the timing gears correct gear backlash & lubrication are important.



SKU: ET1096


Used to remove & install the single VANOS adjusting unit with disc spring on the inlet camshaft fitted to BMW 4 & 6 cylinder twin cam engines. NOTE: VANOS adjustment system without plate springs can be removed without the use of this tool.

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Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit

Camshaft / Head Rebuild Kit

A specialised cylinder head rebuilt kit designed to allow the camshafts to be correctly fitted into the cylinder head on Porsche / VAG common rail engines.

The set contains a jig, various camshaft support fixtures, gear tooth alignment clamps and locking devices.

  • OEM Equiv: T40094 | T40095 | T40096
  • Applications: VAG 1.6L | 2.0L | 2.7L | 3.0L | 4.0L | 4.2L diesel CR engines | Porsche 3.0 TDi
  • For timing servicing on 2.7L - 4.2L engines, also refer ET1622.

VAG Balance Shaft Puller

VAG Balance Shaft Puller

This puller is designed for the removal of balance shafts fitted to 1.8L | 2.0L chain driven 4 cylinder petrol engines.

  • M8 x 1.25 internal thread

VAG Camshaft Locking Kit

VAG Camshaft Locking Kit

4.0L TFSi 4V

SKU: ET0041A


VAG Camshaft Locking Kit

This kit is designed to lock the camshafts when adjusting timing on Audi A6 (>11) | A8 engines (>10).

  • Engine: 4.0L 8 Cyl 4V TFSi
  • OEM Equiv: T40264
  • Use with T40071 (TT0071) | T40269 (ET0157)

VAG Camshaft Setting Plate

VAG Camshaft Setting Plate

Setting plate for valve timing on VAG chain drive VR6 engines. Also for FORD Galaxy 2.8L (VR6)

  • Size: 175mm wide x 95mm long.

VAG Front End Support Guide Set

VAG Front End Support Guide

Allows the grill & radiator to be moved away from the engine without needing to disconnect the radiator and airconditioning pipes.

  • M8 x 1.25mm (17mm) x 2 guides (OEM Equiv: 3369)
  • M8x 1.25mm x 2 guides (OEM Equiv: 3411)
  • M10 x 1.5mm x 2 guides

VAG Fuel Pump Drive Kit

VAG Fuel Pump Drive Kit

This useful kit is designed for locking the fuel pump into its timed position so that the pump drive belt can be replaced or the pump timing checked.

This kit is designed for 2.7L | 3.0L TDi engines.

  • Applications: Audi A4 (07-12), A5 (07-12), A6 (08-11) | Q5 (08-12), Q7 (07-12), VW: Phaeton (07-15), Touareg (07-11) | Porsche: Cayenne (08-16)
  • Engine codes: 2.7L CAMA, CGKA, CANA, 3.0L: CCWA, CDYA, CASA, CASD
  • OEM Equiv: T40135 | 3242 | T10320 | T40058