Ultra Cap Jumpstarter

12V | 3000A Peak CCA


Innovative solutions for jump starting 12V trucks. Using capacitors, rather than batteries, they charge faster, and are safer from a storage perspective. Charging is easy too... either from the residual power in the battery, or else from any automotive battery. Ideal to keep onboard, for emergency situations.

  • Massive power; starts all 12V vehicles, including Kenworth trucks.
  • Supplied with Anderson connectors and alligator clips
  • Charges either from residual energy in battery (if >5V) or from any 12V power source.
  • 3000A peak CCA
  • Starts Kenworth 15L 500 HP engines

Barcode # 9321280401327
Brand Automotive

12 Months

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Hydraulic Cable Crimper

Hydraulic Cable Crimper

Versatile kit with dies for crimping battery cables, balustrading wire, and swaging.

8T hydraulic crimping force for ease of use.

  • Die Sizes: 6, 8, 16, 25, 35, 50 & 70mm2 + Swaging Die
  • Overall length: 320mm

Automotive Oscilloscope | DMM

Automotive Oscilloscope | DMM

State of the art 2-in-1 multimeter / oscilloscopes. Essential functionality for complex diagnosis. Combines 2 channel multimeter with True RMS automotive DMM.

  • 100 MS/s sampling rate
  • Bandwidth: 20MHz
  • Waveform record & replay
  • DC/AC Voltage / Current / Impedance / Capacitance DMM functions
  • 3.8" colour display
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery

Waterproof Powerbank

Waterproof Powerbank

Perfect for tradies / outdoor use - waterproof* / shock proof / dust proof. Huge capacity! Special FAST CHARGE technology

  • High speed recharge (only 4 hours)
  • High capacity (up to 6x iPhone charges)
  • Fast power delivery (save up to half the charging time compared to standard powerbanks).
  • Recharge multiple devices simultaneously.

CarScope Viso Advanced Kit CarScope Viso Advanced Kit

CarScope Viso Advanced Kit

SKU: ET0102C

CarScope Viso Advanced Kit

A unique two channel automotive testing scope in a standalone tablet. Designed specifically for automotive use, it has a range of guided tests (with extensive context sensitive help menus). Purpose built for component testing. Much easier to use / more auto functionality than standard oscilloscopes.


  • Tests most engine sensors
  • Tests actuators / solenoids
  • Advanced ignition measurement
  • Test batteries, alternators, starters
  • Test starter / charging circuits
  • Observe fuel injector / pump signals
  • View CAN bus signals
  • Measure high / low currents
  • 2 channel - 2 x 20 MS/s ADCs
  • 7" TFT Colour display
  • Rechargeable battery
  • PC connectivity via USB port
  • Save waveforms as BMPs
  • Guided tests with help menus
  • Includes first view sensor
  • Easier to use than most scopes

Carscope Automotive Sensor Simulator

Carscope Automotive Sensor Simulator

AutoSim allows a mechanic to simulate the replacement of a sensor.

Simulating output signals of most automotive sensors, AutoSim picks up service issues where a scan tool's diagnosis ends. Sensors tell the on-board computer when something is wrong. AutoSim helps determine if the cause is a faulty sensor, wiring or the ECU.

The product is mainly used for wiring tests. This is because the device can simulate the voltages and check the live data readings on the scan tool to confirm the wiring. You can simulate most sensors from ABS to O2 sensors. Eliminates need to replace non-defective sensors; by the time you have changed a couple of un-needed sensors the device has paid for itself!

  • Voltage simulation range: 0.1V ~ 12V
  • Frequency simulation range: 0.1Hz ~ 10KHz
  • Trigger pulse output: up to 0.15 amperes maximum
  • Output amplitude: 0.2V to 12V output amplitude can be selected at each mode

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12V / 24V Jump Starter

12V / 24V Jump Starter

Our flagship unit for professional / heavy duty applications. Combined 12V & 24V to start all cars / 4WDs plus large trucks / buses. 5V / 12V outputs. Ideal for mobile use (less than 2.5Kg).
Demo units available for testing.

12V Car Jump Starter

12V Car Jump Starter

  • 5V & 12V DC output for charging smartphones, tablets, and 12V devices

12V Car Jump Starter

12V Car Jump Starter

  • 5V & 12V DC output for charging smartphones, tablets, and 12V devices

12V Car Jump Starter

12V Car Jump Starter

1400A Peak CCA

SKU: ET6797

12V Car Jump Starter

Our most powerful standard 12V jump starter! Extra grunt for the most demanding jump start applications!

  • Up to 8L diesel!
  • A must have for professional workshops.
  • 2.1A USB and 12V DC outputs.
  • 1400 Peak CCA
  • 20,000 mAh battery