Sonsbeek Worm Drive Hose Clamp Kit


Grab pack of common sizes of hose clamps + flexible driver. #430 stainless band & housing. In quality, Australian made Fischer plastic case

  • 9 - 12mm (20x)
  • 10 - 16mm (20x)
  • 12 - 22mm (20x)
  • 16 - 27mm (10x)
  • 20 - 32mm (10x)
  • 25 - 40mm (10x)

Barcode # 9321280389274
Brand Sonsbeek
Material Stainless
Material SS304
Type Hose Clamp


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OTK Style Hose Clamp Kit

OTK Style Hose Clamp Kit

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OTK Style Clips

OTK Style Clips


OTK Style Clips

Designed for hose fastening at low and medium pressure, also suitable for metal connections. For correct installation of O Clamps, select the nominal clamp nearest to, but larger than, the outside diameter of the hose or tubing to be clamped. Once you have inserted the fitting close one ear all the way. When the second ear is then closed, the first ear will open slightly. This creates a spring like action which holds against pressure, vibration and hose shrinkage caused by temperature changes or ageing.

NOTE: For additional security, install two O clamps applied cross ways.

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