High Pressure Pump Sprocket Locking Tool

SKU: ET1525A-04


Used for locking the high pressure pump sprocket when changing the toothed belt (for injection and preglow systems) on 2.7L | 3.0L 6 Cyl TDI engines.

  • Engine: 2.7L | 3.0L 6 Cyl TDI
  • OEM Equiv: T40135


SKU ET1525A-04
Barcode # 9321280399433
Brand Automotive
Vehicle Make VAG

12 Months

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Harmonic Damper Remover Harmonic Damper Remover

Harmonic Damper Remover

Used while removing the harmonic damper on 5 cylinder engines with V-poly belts to simultaneously react against the crankshaft pulley (saves time & avoids damage to the damper).

Guide Pin Set

Guide Pin Set

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Guide Pin Set

Allows the grill & radiator to be moved away from the engine without needing to disconnect the radiator and airconditioning pipes.

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Alignment Plate

Alignment Plate

Holds both camshafts at TDC position while replacing timing belt. Used with ET1105-4.

  • PCD 622mm
  • Applications: 40v V8 (5V per cylinder), Audi: A6 | A8 | S6 | S8 | RS6, VW: Touareg | Phaeton
  • Engine codes: 3.7 V8: AKC, AQG, BFL 4.2 V8: ANK, AQF, AQH, AQJ, ARS, ARU, ASG, AWN, AVN, AVP, AUW, AXQ, BCY, BFM, BGH, BHX, BRV

Auxiliary Belt Wrench Auxiliary Belt Wrench

Auxiliary Belt Wrench

Auxiliary belt tensioner wrench for removing / installing the poly V-belt on 1.4L 4 Cyl TSi / TSi BlueMotion engines (turbo & supercharged).

  • OEM Equiv: T10447

Auxiliary Tensioner Wrench

Auxiliary Tensioner Wrench

For changing V ribbed belts. Use with 1/2" sq drv ratchet or breaker bar.

  • Engine codes: ABA | AHL | AHU
  • Applications: VW Golf | Passat | Polo (93-99)
  • 15mm wide slot.

Belt Tension Adjuster Belt Tension Adjuster

Belt Tension Adjuster

For tensioning Multi Vee belts. For VAG engines on which the Multi Vee belts can only be tightened at the alternator.

  • 1/2" Sq Drv

Adjusting Belt Tensioner Kit

Belt Tensioner Kit

SKU: DA7417

Belt Tensioner Kit

Suits all VAG models with timing belt tensioners that have two (2) holes in the pulley.