Fuel Pump Timing Kit

Bosch | CAV | RotoDiesel
SKU: ET1288


Bosch EP / VE (Rotary) (M8 | M10 | M12 service ports) | Kikki | Nippon Denso | CAV Rotodiesel (top entry) fuel pumps.

  • OEM Equiv: 999-5382 KM 571A 3313

SKU Description OEM Equivalent Codes

Dial Test Indicator

VAS 6079

KM 571A



M14 Piston Height Adaptor


Extension 99mm


M8 - M12 Adaptor


Probe Dies



Adaptor M8 Short


M10 Adaptor Short


Extension Dies



Adaptor Assembly Dies


M8 Adaptor | Long

SKU ET1288
Barcode # 9321280328501
Brand Automotive
Shipping weight 0.8300kg

12 Months

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