Diesel Injector Puller

Bosch | Lucas
SKU: ET2193A


Kit consists of a slide hammer with adaptors to assist the removal of stubborn Bosch and Lucas diesel injectors.

  • Adaptors: M8 P0.75 (male) | M12 P1.5 (Bosch) | M14 x P 1.5 (Volvo / Scania)
  • Slide hammer thread: M12 | 175mm length (without adaptors).

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Brand Automotive
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Injector Puller Kit

Injector Puller Kit

Mercedes CDI

SKU: ET1302

Injector Puller Kit

A specialised kit for injector removal on Sprinter, C Class / E Class. Extractor key for inner part of Bosch injectors included.

This kit allows for the removal of injectors without the need to use a slide hammer, and without removing the cam cover / damaging the cylinder head.

  • 29mm diesel injector window socket
  • 10mm hex extractor key
  • Support shaft bearing assembly

Use the 29mm window socket to remove the nozzle head from the injector. Then use the 10mm key to remove the insert from the injector.

Place the support shaft bearing assembly over the injector. Make sure that the wide shoulders of the shaft support the tool. With a 10mm spanner, screw the shaft down onto the injector. Then using a 24mm spanner, in an anti-clockwise motion, draw the injector out of the cylinder head.

Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Tool Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Tool

Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Tool

Required tools when replacing the crank seal / removing front engine cover to replace the chain. For use on 2.0L | 2.2L | 2.4L | 3.2L TDCi / TDDi Duratorq engines fitted to Ford Transit | Ford Ranger plus Jaguar X Type X400 and Land Rover Defender.

  • First component removes diesel pump sprocket cover, and also allows oil seal to be removed / replaced.
  • Second component aligns / centralises the front camshaft chain cover before fitting the new oil seal.

Diesel Injector Removal Kit

Diesel Injector Removal Kit

Master kit for removing seized diesel injectors from Volkswagen Group TDI PD engines, as well as BMW N47 / N57 engines.

Special two jaw design to grip the injector, and extract with the included slide hammer.

These tools are a major time saver, and reduce the risk of damage to the injectors or the solenoids. Injectors on these engines are less prone to seizures, but removal can often be difficult due to limited space.

  • Engine codes: VW ALH | ALU | 1Z, BMW N47 / N57
  • OEM Equiv: T10055 | T10163 | T40055 | T10402 | T10415
  • Applications: 1.4D| 1.9D (PD) | 2.0TDi (PD) 4V 2.5 TDi 2.5TDi (PD) | 2.8TDi (PD) 2.7D / 3.0TDi (PD)

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Diesel Injector Nozzle Extractor

Diesel Injector Nozzle Extractor

Designed for removal of the lower components of diesel injectors. This is necessary before beginning a complete injector rebuild.

Injector should be removed from the engine before using this tool. Mount injector securely on a bench before unscrewing the injector solenoid from the injector. For instance, using ET0321.

Do NOT use air tools with this tool.

  • Applications: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens injectors
  • Needle head dia: 12.5-13.5mm
  • Clamping collar dia: 24mm

Diesel Injector Puller Kit

Diesel Injector Puller Kit

  • Injector pullers: Bosch (17mmx1.0) | Delphi (14mmx1.5) | Denso (20mmx1.0) | Siemens (27mmx1.0)
  • Injector nozzle sockets (100mm): 25, 27, 29, 30mm

Diesel Injector Puller Kit

Diesel Injector Puller Kit

  • Remove Delphi / Bosch / Mercedes CDI injectors using a slide hammer (5/8" UNF thread)
  • M20 x M20 x 1.0 (Bosch) | M20 X M14 x 1.5 (Delphi)
  • Mercedes CDI adaptor & M10 (with hole) insert tool for removing the internal part of Bosch injectors

Diesel Injector Removal Bridge

Diesel Injector Removal Bridge

Suitable for use with a range of PSA, Ford, GM, Iveco models

Diesel Injector Removal Kit

Diesel Injector Removal Kit

  • Hex bit sockets: ¿7.6, ¿6.6
  • Universal joint: M18 x 1.5
  • Special hex sockets: 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 30mm
  • Injector grippers: 12mm, 13.5mm, 16mm, 26mm
  • Pull spindles: OT-M14 x 1.5, OT-M16 x 1.5, IT-M16 x 1.0, ITM17x 1.0, IT-M20 x 1.0, IT-M25 x 1.0, IT-M27 x 1.0, OT-M25 x 0.5,OT-M25 x 0.75, OT-M27 x 1