CarScope Resistance Substitution Box

SKU: ET0092


SKU ET0092
Barcode # 9321280400313
Brand CarScope

12 Months

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Fuel Pump Timing Kit Fuel Pump Timing Kit

Fuel Pump Timing Kit

Bosch EP / VE (Rotary) (M8 | M10 | M12 service ports) | Kikki | Nippon Denso | CAV Rotodiesel (top entry) fuel pumps.

  • OEM Equiv: 999-5382 KM 571A 3313

Vessel Impact Driver

Vessel Impact Driver

SKU: 7422500

Vessel Impact Driver

  • Use hammer strike to loosen tight / rusty screws
  • Also drives 1/2" Sq Drv sockets (remove bit holder)

Hex Extractor | 3mm

Hex Extractor | 3mm

SKU: ET1307-03

Hex Extractor | 3mm

  • 3mm screw extractor
  • 12mm hex drive
  • 28mm overall length

Foxwell Digital Pressure Tester

Foxwell Digital Pressure Tester

Adaptor Kit


Foxwell Digital Pressure Tester

Common petrol / diesel adaptors for use with the DPT701

Socket Adaptor Set

Socket Adaptor Set

3 Pce | Long

SKU: ET0167

Socket Adaptor Set

Ideal for use with cordless drills, these socket adaptors are 200mm long, with rotating sleeves for ease of use / precise positioning. Colour coded for 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Sq Drv.

  • Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Sq Drv
  • 1/4" hex drive
  • 200mm long
  • Made from quality Chrome Vanadium steel

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CAN OBDII Breakout Box CAN OBDII Breakout Box

CAN OBDII Breakout Box


SKU: ET3040

CAN OBDII Breakout Box

Easily access the 16 pins of the OBDII connector fitted to all modern vehicles. Plus check power, ground and CAN Bus signal quality (depending upon vehicle configuration).

Supplied with an extended 2m lead for added convenience.

  • Identify communication link protocols
  • Check power and ground circuits
  • Connect an oscilloscope
  • Works with 12V vehicles

Carscope Automotive Sensor Simulator

Carscope Automotive Sensor Simulator

AutoSim allows a mechanic to simulate the replacement of a sensor.

Simulating output signals of most automotive sensors, AutoSim picks up service issues where a scan tool's diagnosis ends. Sensors tell the on-board computer when something is wrong. AutoSim helps determine if the cause is a faulty sensor, wiring or the ECU.

The product is mainly used for wiring tests. This is because the device can simulate the voltages and check the live data readings on the scan tool to confirm the wiring. You can simulate most sensors from ABS to O2 sensors. Eliminates need to replace non-defective sensors; by the time you have changed a couple of un-needed sensors the device has paid for itself!

  • Voltage simulation range: 0.1V ~ 12V
  • Frequency simulation range: 0.1Hz ~ 10KHz
  • Trigger pulse output: up to 0.15 amperes maximum
  • Output amplitude: 0.2V to 12V output amplitude can be selected at each mode

Carscope First View Sensor Carscope First View Sensor

Carscope First View Sensor

A fast / accurate method to diagnose engine problems. Verify the mechanical condition of the engine before using a scan tool.
All engines generate pulsating pressure waves. This sensor allows you to display "engine pulses" on standard oscilloscopes.
By using the first cylinder for sychronisation, a faulty cylinder can be determined. Engine problems will always cause a fluctuation of the waveform.

  • Use with any standard oscilloscope
  • Detect valve leakage, timing issues, bad injectors without major disassembly
  • PC connectivity via USB port
  • Save waveforms as BMPs