Carscope First View Sensor

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A fast / accurate method to diagnose engine problems. Verify the mechanical condition of the engine before using a scan tool.
All engines generate pulsating pressure waves. This sensor allows you to display "engine pulses" on standard oscilloscopes.
By using the first cylinder for sychronisation, a faulty cylinder can be determined. Engine problems will always cause a fluctuation of the waveform.

  • Use with any standard oscilloscope
  • Detect valve leakage, timing issues, bad injectors without major disassembly
  • PC connectivity via USB port
  • Save waveforms as BMPs

SKU ET0096
Barcode # 9321280400214
Brand CarScope

12 Months

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CAN OBDII Breakout Box

Easily access the 16 pins of the OBDII connector fitted to all modern vehicles. Plus check power, ground and CAN Bus signal quality (depending upon vehicle configuration).

Supplied with an extended 2m lead for added convenience.

  • Identify communication link protocols
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Noid Light Kit

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  • Individual noid lights are available separately.

Foxwell Service Tool

Foxwell Service Tool

Essential service tool for modern workshops / battery service technicians.

Many modern vehicles - especially with start / stop technology and/or regenerative braking - require a specialised tool to associate the new battery with the ECU.

Coverage includes BMW, Ford, PSA, VAG, Volvo

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Cleaning mode for use in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning.

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