Brake Bleeder Adaptor Kit

Pressure Style | Kit B


Barcode # 9321280355477
Brand Automotive
Shipping weight 2.8600kg

12 Months

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Fluid Extractor

Fluid Extractor


SKU: ET3586


Fluid Extractor

Quickly extract fluid - by either hand, or shop air.

  • Massive 10L capacity avoids the need to remove drain plugs etc
  • Supplied with 4 suction tubes (6mm oil | 7mm oil | brake fluid connector | 10mm gear oil)

Brake Bleeder

Brake Bleeder

Pressure Type



Brake Bleeder

Pushes fluids through brake system. Hand pump operated. Includes European adaptor PLUS Ford / Commodore adaptor. Other adaptors available separately.

  • 2.8 litre capacity

Brake Bleeder

Brake Bleeder

Tank holds compressed air allowing the unit to be used when disconnected from
the air supply. Suits standard / ABS systems

  • Includes pressure relief / cut off valves
  • Adaptor kit included
  • 6L tank capacity

Female Torx Plus (EPL) Socket Set Female Torx Plus (EPL) Socket Set

Female Torx Plus (EPL)

Specialised female Torx Plus sockets, which are used in automotive applications including Corolla ZZE152, Navarra etc.

Torx Plus is a variant of Torx, with the ends being more rounded. As such, standard Torx sockets cannot be used to drive Torx Plus bolts. These sockets are the female version of standard Torx Plus bits.

Torx Plus is a registered trademark of Camcar Textron.

  • 10EP | 11EP | 12EP | 14EP | 16EP | 18EP | 20EP
  • 3/8" Sq Drv
  • Supplied on socket rail

Brake Bleeder Adaptor

Brake Bleeder Adaptor

  • 43m OD
  • 3 Lug bayonet fitting

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