Brake Bleeder

Pressure Type


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Pushes fluids through brake system. Hand pump operated. Includes European adaptor PLUS Ford / Commodore adaptor. Other adaptors available separately.

  • 2.8 litre capacity

Barcode # 9321280356498
Brand Automotive
Shipping weight 2.0000kg

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Brake Bleeder Wrench

Brake Bleeder Wrench




Brake Bleeder Wrench

A very convenient tool to use in conjunction with the ETWH505HA pressure brake bleeder. Use the wrench to open the nipple. Used brake fluid then flows through the hose (into any convenient disposal bottle). The one way valve prevents air from reentering the system.

  • 10mm brake bleeder wrench
  • Silicone hose, with one way valve

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Automotive Refractometer

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Brake Bleeder

Brake Bleeder

Pressure Type | Portable



Brake Bleeder

Tank holds compressed air allowing the unit to be used when disconnected from
the air supply. Suits standard / ABS systems

  • Includes pressure relief / cut off valves
  • Adaptor kit included
  • 6L tank capacity

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