ATF Transmission Filler

Manual Type


Manual type pressure tank to refill ATF on automatic transmissions without a dipstick. Includes 20 adapters for most common vehicles.

Tank with 6 litre / 1.5 gallon capacity, suitable for most transmissions - Audi, Ford, Holden, Infiniti, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, VW, and Volvo.

Specially designed tank base for feet to step on to stabilise the tank while pumping.

  • Includes 20 adaptors

Barcode # 9321280400795
Brand Automotive
Vehicle Make Ford
Vehicle Make Holden
Vehicle Make VAG
Vehicle Make Mazda
Vehicle Make Nissan
Vehicle Make Mercedes
Vehicle Make Volvo

12 Months

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ATF Adaptor Universal Hose

ATF Adaptor Universal Hose

This hose adaptor is designed for universal applications where access is difficult, provided that there is at least a 10mm ID opening. Ideal for use on Hyundia / Kia, Mini Cooper CVT, and Subaru vehicles with restricted access to the transmission fill tube.

ATF Filler Kit ATF Filler Kit

ATF Filler Kit


SKU: ET0048M

ATF Filler Kit

Automatic transmission oil assembly kit for Mercedes 9G-Tronic (725589009000 | 725589029000) transmissions.

  • Applications: E350 (13-) | CLS (14-)

ATF Transmission Filler

ATF Transmission Filler

Standard ATF adaptor kit that is supplied with the ET4090A ATF Filler kit. Adaptor kit contains 10 adaptors for popular vehicles.

An additional 5 optional adaptors are available in the ET4092 kit.

  • 10 adaptors

ATF Transmission Filler

ATF Transmission Filler

Comprehensive adaptor kit for the ATF transmission filler. This kit includes 15 adaptors for popular vehicles including VW CVT / DSG transmissions.

This kit incorporates the 10 standard adaptors supplied with the ET4090A kit, plus five new additional adaptors (which are available separately in the ET4092 adaptor kit).