20PPMJ22 Winter Freeze Sale

13 Ft Cables State of the art rugged professional design. Highly accurate. Will test all 12V lead acid automotive batteries, and 12V / 24V charging / crank systems. Scan QR code on tester to bring up test report on any smart phone / tablet, and then easily email / text / share the report. Browser based - no app needed! ■ Testing range: 100−2,000 CCA BATTERY ALTERNATOR STARTER W LIFETIME FREE UPDATES AUTOMATI C VIN IDENTIFI CATION ADVANCED OBDII CODE READER A quick affordable solution for diagnosing engine issues on OBDII / EOBD compliant cars, SUVs, light trucks. ■ Read / erase codes (turn off check engine light) ■ Live sensor data / freeze frame data ■ Bi-Directional control (actuator tests) - Mode 8 $ 169 ET3010 THE AUSTRA LIAN EXPERT S J2534 PASS THROUGH PROGRAMMING The professional choice for flashing. Avoid the risk of lower quality units. RequiresWindows based laptop / PC. Access Drewtech’s J2534 toolbox for up to date information, as well as their US based technical support. 12V 100A BATTERY STABILISER A stable power supply is essential when flashing / reprogramming / calibrating ADAS. This unit outputs 100A indefinitely, with variable voltage. Plus functions as a 60A battery charger. Based in Kansas USA, Clore has a 50 year heritage in developing battery technology for automotive professionals. ■ 100A battery stabiliser ■ 13.1V - 14.9V (0.1V increments) ■ 60A / 40A / 10A battery charging modes $ 1559 ET6100 Quick response time 8x faster than competingmodels Clean, stable power perfect for reprogramming No voltage drop 7-phase battery charging sequence. 60A / 40A/ 10Amodes Adjustable voltage output 13.1~14.9v Extremely lowpeak to peak ripple voltage <100mV The CarDaq Plus 3 by Drew Tech fully supports J2534-1 / J2534-2, plus CAN FD, 4 CAN channels, v05.00 API and DOIP. Access OEM subscriptions, including Holden, Isuzu, Hyundai / Kia.(Available at extra cost, direct from the OEM). $ 3295 ETCP3 POWER PROBE 3EZ Perform battery checks, charging system checks, fuse checks, voltage checks, component tests... All at the flick of the switch, with guidance fromour 2 new menu options: EZLEARNING and EZIDIAGNOSTIC. ■ New larger LCD screen ■ Upside down? No problem! New flip screen feature ■ Menu driven. Makes navigating a breeze RECHARGEABLE 50W SOLDERING KIT Our most powerful unit, for heavy duty tasks. With bonus gas torch! ■ 45 minutes runtime ■ 5mm chisel tip, cone tip, heat shrink tip ■ Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray 10 SECOND FAST START COLOURED BLOW GUNS! 124140101-BLK B L AC K 124140101-BLU B LU E 124140101-ORA ORAN G E 124140101-GRE G R E E N 124140101 R E D 124140101-PIN P I NK HEAVYDUTY SOLDERING APPLICATIONS 12V / 24V LEAD ACID BATTERY TESTER W/ QR CODE REPORTS $ 169 ET8664 READY FOR RIGHT TO REPAIR? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED NEW LIMITED EDITION $ 349 ETPP3EZ $ 20 EACH 50W BONUS PT-110 $ 169 ETPRO-50W Tryme 1 May – 31 July 2022