20PPFA24 Trade Deals

1 FEB — 30 APR 2024 TRADE DEALS I X Updated adaptors (more coverage than older kits) – includes new Volvo Hybrids X Updated pressure pump, coolant refill and adaptor design X Faster refill speed – 91 ml / sec vs 37 ml X Connectors are compatible with superceded adaptor kits MASTER RADIATOR PRESSURE TEST KIT X 4x easy out impact extractors + 12x PH | PZ | TX bits. MADE IN SPAIN EASY OUT SCREW EXTRACTOR KIT UV LIGHT POCKET CLIP W/MAGNET 5WCOB MAINLIGHT LASERON/ OFF SWITCH 3WLEDSPOT LIGHT LASER X 450 lumen main light X Charge via USB-C cable X 365nm UV light Adjustable light intensity, together with UV light / laser pointer. RECHARGEABLE PENLIGHT UV & LASER LED-175 $59 ET1049 $679 ET0064 $39 X OE Equiv: 1059330-00-B X #10EPR | 1/2" Sq Drv TESLA 3 / S TORX PLUS SOCKET 5 sided Torx Plus EPR profile. Applications include Tesla S bumper bolts / number plate fixings, and Tesla 3 electrical connectors. X Test circuits for voltage, continuity or polarity. Green / red LEDs provide quick confirmation. X 6m heavy duty extension lead. Apply voltage from the Power Probe tip to quickly actuate components. POWER PROBE BASIC ETPPBASIC $189 INCLUDES TEMPERATUR E PROBE X Current (10A DC) / Voltage (DC) / Resistance X Temperature (-20 to 1,000 degrees C) X Continuity / Diode tests X 9V battery included MANUAL RANGING MULTIMETER ET2301A 600V CAT III $30 ET2410 17 PIECE $79 X Protective sleeve. X 6 point sockets. X 1/2” Sq Drv. For chrome plated nuts that have warped. Especially Ford! And VW Amarok. HALF SIZED THINWALL SOCKET SET 18.5MM 19.5MM ETK-2PK $49 12V JUMP STARTER/POWERBANK Starts all passenger vehicles & 4WDs. Our most powerful 12V jump starter, updated with new fast charge connectors! Extra grunt for the most demand- ing jump start applications! Up to 8L diesel! Memory saver cable saves vehicle settings when changing batteries. X USB-A / USB-C / 12V DC outputs. X Supplied in a handy carry case. ET6788 +BONUS ET6797A $279 MEMORY SAVER CABLE 1400a peak cca IS YOURCARCOMPATIBLE? CHECKHERE : X Lifetime free updates X Turn off Check Engine light! Read & clear codes X Compatible with most 2006 & newer cars, SUVs X Both petrol & diesel Colour screen, live data graphing, automatic VIN recog- nition, trouble code database & much more! OBDII / EOBD CODE READER ET2707 $99 Our new updated radiator pressure test kit sets the new industry benchmark! Faster, easier, and more comfortable to use, than existing kits. Perform cooling system leak tests, vacuum type coolant refills, and leak tests on radiator caps. Live graphing automatic Vin Recognition