20PPFA21 Tool Vax

TOOL VAX Is your car compatible? Check here b 1 February • 30 April 2021 LIVE GRAPHING / AUTOMATIC VIN RECOGNITION LIMITED EDITION CARBON FIBRE SKIN Android 10.1” tablet | wireless VCI. Full bi-directional diagnostic functions and lightning fast scanning speeds. Our best selling entry level multimeter. High quality, with core functionality including temperature probe. ■ Current (10A DC) / Voltage (DC) / Resistance ■ Continuity / Diode tests ■ Temperature (-20 to 1,000 degrees C) ■ 9V battery included HEAVY DUTY RIVETER 3-in-1 design for stainless rivets, plus female Nutcerts / male Rivbolts. An essential workshop tool. 3YEARS FREE UPDA TES 50W RECHARGEABLE SOLDERING KIT Our most powerful unit – with 50W soldering power – for heavy duty tasks. HEAVYDUTY SOLDERING APPLICATIONS With bonus gas torch! ■ 45 minutes runtime ■ 5mm chisel tip / cone tip / heat shrink tip ■ Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray POWER PROBE 3EZ Perform battery checks, charging system checks, fuse checks, voltage checks, component tests... All at the flick of the switch, with guidance from our two newmenu options: EZLEARNING and EZIDIAGNOSTIC. ■ New larger LCD screen ■ Upside down? No problem! New flip screen feature ■ Menu driven. Makes navigating a breeze 50W BONUS PT-110 SEEFULL RANGE PAGE3 » i80 WORKSHOP CAR SCAN TOOL ■ One touch updates – with update notifications ■ Key programming / ECU Coding & Cloning ■ Australian based technical support ■ Sizes: 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 8 | 10mm OBDII / EOBD CODE READER Enhanced model with colour screen, live data graphing, automatic VIN recognition, trouble code database &much more! 4-IN-1 TRIP COMPUTER Ideal for anyone wanting to monitor their vehicle in real time. Simple one plug installation. Suits any OBDII compliant vehicle. Ideal for 4WD owners. ■ Lifetime free updates ■ Turn off Check Engine light! Read & clear codes ■ Compatible with most 2006 & newer cars, SUVs ■ Both petrol & diesel STAINLESS RIVETS: To 6.4mm FEMALE NUTCERTS: To 12mm MALE RIVBOLTS: To 8mm 10 SECOND FAST START EKLIND BALL HEX T HANDLE SET METRIC | 9" ARM Eklind Power T handle keys have a soft textured over mold for extra comfort and slip resistance. Sizes are permanently molded in the handle. Ball hex keys will drive fasteners at up to a 30 degree angle. BONUS stand included! BONUS EK11111 MADE IN USA INCLUDES TEMPERATURE PROBE ■ OBDII / EOBD code reader . Reads / clears engine codes. Turn off check engine light ■ Digital gauge displays up to 4 parameters providing real time engine performance analysis ■ Trip computer displays useful information such as average fuel consumption etc ■ Vehicle black box saving up to 300 hours of driving data. $ 319 ETPP3EZCF $ 229 ET9631 METRIC $ 99 EK64808 8 PCE $ 4295 ET6842 $ 169 ETPRO-50W $ 129 ET2705 $ 29 ET2301A 600V CAT III $ 99 ET2707 NEW NEW