20PPNJ21 Tool Maker

FULL VEHICLESCAN FUNCTIONALITY ALLMAJOR SERVICE FUNCTIONS AUSTRALIAN FORD/HOLDEN COVERAGE POWER PROBE 4 MASTER KIT A great value option for the professional technician! This kit includes the Power Probe 4, ECT3000 circuit tracer, and additional leads. Save on buying all these components separately! MAKER TOOL 1 November • 31 January 2021 FR E E LI F E TI ME UPDATE S 1,400A PEAKCCA 20,000MAH BATTERY OBDII CODE READER & BATTERY TESTER Read codes / clear check engine light on OBDII compatible vehicles, PLUS test 12V automotive batteries. ■ Tests Flooded / AGM / Gel batteries ■ Print test reports on PC ■ 100 - 1,100CCA ■ Lifetime free updates RECHARGEABLE WORKLIGHT / SPEAKER AUTOMATIC VIN RECOGNITION TROUBLE CODE DATABASE CHECK BATTERY HEALTH MEMORY SAVERCABLE BONUS ET6788 XL WRENCHES 0 DEGREE OFFSET METRIC LSBM-6 ■ 8x10 / 12x14 ■ 13x15 / 16x18 ■ 17x19 / 22x24 IMPERIAL LSBM-6IMP ■ 1/4 x 5/16 ■ 3/8 x 7/16 ■ 1/2 x 9/16 ■ 5/8 x 11/16 ■ 3/4 x 7/8 ■ 13/16 x 15/16 12V JUMP STARTER / POWER BANK STARTS ALL PASSENGER VEHICLES & 4WDS Our most powerful 12V jump starter! Extra grunt for the most demanding jump start applications! Up to 8L diesel! Amust have for professional workshops. ■ 2.1A USB / 12V DC outputs ■ Supplied in a handy carry case. SAVEVEHICLE SETTINGS WHENCHANGING BATTERIES Ultra bright 500 Lumen worklight, with high quality Bluetooth speaker. Also use as a Powerbank to charge phones. ■ Intensity control (real time display of lumen / battery %) ■ 180° swivelling stand with strong magnet ■ Impact & water resistant ■ Fast Type C USB charging ■ 2400mAh battery 12V 100A BATTERY STABILISER A stable power supply is essential when flashing / reprogramming / calibrating ADAS. This unit outputs 100A indefinitely, with variable voltage. Plus functions as a 60A battery charger. Based in Kansas USA, Clore has a 50 year heritage in developing battery technology for automotive professionals. ■ 100A battery stabiliser ■ 13.1V - 14.9V (0.1V increments) ■ 60A / 40A / 10A battery charging modes 13FtCables HAND HELD WORKSHOP SCAN TOOL Sensational value. Full vehicle scan functionality across multiple passenger vehicle brands, plus extensive special functions. Ideal for small workshops / home enthusiasts / secondary workshop tool. Easy updates via USB cable. Isyourcar compatible? Checkhere SEEVIDEO $ 189 ET2709 $ 209 EACH $ 729 ETPP4KIT $ 999 ET6642 $ 149 LED-397 $ 1559 ET6100 $ 279 ET6797 NEW NEW Quickresponse time8xfasterthan competingmodels Clean,stablepower perfectfor reprogramming No voltage drop 7-phasebattery chargingsequence. 60A/40A/10Amodes Adjustable voltageoutput 13.1~14.9v Extremely lowpeaktopeak ripplevoltage <100mV