20PPAO22 Spring Time Tool Sale

TOOL SALE SPRING TIME 1 August – 31 October 2022 Is your car compatible? Check here OBDII / EOBD CODE READER Enhanced model with colour screen, live data graphing, automatic VIN recognition, trouble code database &much more! ■ Lifetime free updates ■ Turn off Check Engine light! Read & clear codes ■ Compatible with most 2006 & newer cars, SUVs ■ Both petrol & diesel $ 99 ET2707 $ 29 ET2301A 600V CAT III RECHARGEABLE POCKET LIGHT Adjustable 5WSMD 50 - 500 lumen - change light intensity. Memory function retains light intensity. Quality aluminium body / pocket clip. Up to 2.5 hour runtime. $ 59 LED-190 ANDROID9 QUAD CORE PROCESSOR 32GBHARDDRIVE 1GBRAM 5MPREAR CAMERA 7"DAYLIGHT READABLE LCD SCREEN WIFI, MICROUSB, USB 4000MAH LITHIUMBATTERY i70 WORKSHOP SCAN TOOL A high powered android tablet offering unbeatable value for money. Full vehicle scan functionality (more than just Engine / Gearbox / ABS / SRS). Includes an extensive range of special service functions. Pre / Post scan reports are just a click away with inbuilt wifi. $ 1795 ET6742 FULL VEHICLESCAN FUNCTIONALITY AUSTRALIAN FORD/HOLDEN COVERAGE ALLMAJOR SERVICE FUNCTIONS PRE/POST SCAN REPORTS AUSTRALIA BASED TECHSUPPORT F R E E UP DATE S 2YEARS LIVE GRAPHING / AUTOMATIC VIN RECOGNITION RECHARGEABLE 50W SOLDERING KIT Our most powerful unit, for heavy duty tasks. With bonus gas torch! ■ 45 minutes runtime ■ 5mm chisel tip, cone tip, heat shrink tip ■ Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray 10 SECOND FAST START HEAVYDUTY SOLDERING APPLICATIONS MANUAL RANGING MULTIMETER ■ Current (10A DC) / Voltage (DC) / Resistance ■ Continuity / Diode tests ■ Temperature (-20 to 1,000 degrees C) ■ 9V battery included INCLUDES TEMPERATURE PROBE $ 239 ET3042 $ 69 ET1433A RECHARGEABLE BRAKE FLUID TESTER New generation tester with digital display, backlight for dark areas, and IP67 rated probe / cable. Audible alarm for bad brake fluid. ■ Tests DOT 3 / DOT 4 / DOT 5.1 brake fluids. ■ 600mAH rechargeable battery 12V / 24V OBDII BREAKOUT BOX An advanced CANbus circuit tester compatible with both 12V and 24V systems. Provides a live display of present communicating signals, and can display the voltage of each pin without having to use a multimeter. Essential for checking ground / voltage on all OBDII pins prior to connecting a scan tool / flashing ECU. If your scan tool cannot communicate, it coud simply be a fault with the OBD connector. ■ Connect inline with scan tools, Or use with a multimeter / oscilloscope. ■ Quickly diagnose CAN faults ■ Monitor battery voltage at the OBD port. ■ A great way to log pin voltage data when used with our ET2504multimeter. NEW NEW POWER PROBE III MASTER KIT A great value kit featuring the legendary Power Probe III. Includes deluxe lead kit, and ECT3000 circuit tracer and short finder. $ 659 ETPP3KIT BONUS PPT5VA 50W BONUS PT-110 $ 179 ETPRO-50W