20PPAO21 Spring Time Tool Deals

FULL VEHICLESCAN FUNCTIONALITY ALLMAJOR SERVICE FUNCTIONS AUSTRALIAN FORD/HOLDEN COVERAGE F R E E L I F E T I ME UPDATE S 1 August – 31 October 2021 SPRINGTIME TOOL DEALS LOCAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT Headpivots90 o $ 49 ETBBL STEREO SPEAKERS HIGH POWER 200 LUMEN LIGHT BLUETOOTH BEANIE LIGHT Integrated rechargeable light & Bluetooth speakers (works with all smartphones). Great for camping, tradies, fishing etc. The perfect accessory for winter! 4-IN-1 TRIP COMPUTER Ideal for anyone wanting to monitor their vehicle in real time. Simple one plug installation / easily mounts on the dashboard. Suits any OBDII compliant vehicle. ■ OBDII / EOBD code reader: Read / clear engine codes. Turn off check engine light ■ Digital gauge: Display up to 4 parameters providing real time engine performance analysis ■ Trip computer: Display useful information such as average fuel consumption etc ■ Vehicle black box: Save up to 300 hours of driving data. LIFETIME FREE UPDATES AUTOMATI C VIN IDENTIFI CATION ADVANCED OBDII CODE READER A quick affordable solution for diagnosing engine issues. On all OBDII / EOBD compliant cars, SUVs, light trucks. ■ Read / erase codes (turn off check engine light) ■ Live sensor data / freeze frame data ■ Bi-Directional control (actuator tests) - Mode 8 $ 779 ETPP4KIT $ 149 ET3010 POWER PROBE 4 MASTER KIT A great value option for the professional technician! This kit includes the Power Probe 4, ECT3000 circuit tracer, & additional leads. Save on buying all these components separately! $ 1249 ET3038 HI RESOLUTION THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA ■ 8×10 | 12×14 | 13×15 | 16×18 | 17×19 mm QualityTools-DesignedtoLast-MadeInTaiwan $ 249 XLB5-MET 5 PCE $ 139 XLB2-MET ■ 21x22 | 24x27 mm UV light Flash light Laser PIVOTING FLASHLIGHT WITH UV & LASER All-in-one flashlight, laser pointer & UV light. Head pivots 90°. Rear magnet plus pocket clip. 5W LED BONUS ETBBL FOXWELL HAND HELD WORKSHOP SCAN TOOL Australia's best value workshop scan tool. Designed for small workshops, larger workshops needing a secondary scan tool, or DIY enthusiasts. This scan tool offers full vehicle scan functionality (this is not a code reader only). Coverage for over 80 vehicle brands, including Australian Ford / Holden vehicles. Plus a large suite of special service functions including DPF regeneration, Injector coding, oil light reset, service reset, and much more... This unit has no internal battery - it simply powers up via the OBDII port. So is ideal to leave in the glove box. No need to worry about internal batteries. KABO XL FLAT RATCHET WRENCHES Flat design for getting into those hard to reach places. Kabo's spherical drive system drives standard hex bolts, plus Spline, Square, Torx, and 50% rounded off heads. 72 teeth ratchet design. Wrenches designed for the professional technician! ■ Lifetime free updates. ■ Easy updating via USB cable. ■ Backed by local technical support. Our newest model combines ultra high resolution, a faster processor, & wifi connectivity. Detecting heat build up allows for quick diagnosis of bearing, brakes, exhaust issues etc ■ A large 3.5" colour screen ■ Industry leading 320 x 240 px infra red resolution ■ A wide 0 - 450 degrees C thermal range ■ Rechargeable battery ■ Wifi connectivity KEEP WARM! $ 99 LED-170 $ 129 ET2705 $ 999 ET6642 NEW