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1 $ 219 XLB5-MET FLAT SPHERICALDRIVEDRIVESALLTHESEBOLTTYPES POWERPROBE 3EZ Perform battery checks, charging system checks, fuse checks, voltage checks, component tests... All at the flick of the switch, while being guided through with our two new NEWmenu options: EZLEARNING and EZDIAGNOSTIC. ■ ■ New larger LCD screen ■ ■ Upside down? No problem! New flip screen feature ■ ■ Menu driven. Makes navigating a breeze POWERPROBE 4 MASTER KIT The PowerProbe 4 builds on the PowerProbe 3 functionality, adding additional diagnostic modes including Fuel Injector Tester (petrol), PCM / ECM driver tester and ECT signal tracer. Get all this, plus a lead kit and the ECT3000 circuit tracer & short finder in this master kit. POWERPROBE 5V TIP ADAPTOR Connects to any PowerProbe. Limits ouput voltage to 5V. Essential for safely testing sensors and computer circuits on vehicles. Now you can supply a 5V reference signal to test computer modules, wiring and the components connected to them. POWERPROBE MINI PROBES Easy to use plug-in style current testers. A simple way to test any USB / cigarette connector (especially on car accessory outlets). QualityTools-DesignedtoLast-MadeInTaiwan AIR BOY PRESSURE SPRAYER 1.5 LITRE / VITON SEALS XL RATCHET WRENCHES Premiumwrenches with patented Spherical Drive. And lifetime warranty. ■ ■ 8x10 / 12x14 / 13x15 / 16x18 / 17x19 ■ ■ Packaged in EVA trays 50W RECHARGEABLE SOLDERING IRON KIT Our most powerful unit yet – nowwith 50W soldering power – for the most heavy duty tasks. VITON SEALSFOR MOST AUTOMOTIVE CHEMICALS MADEIN EUROPE QUALITY/ INNOVATIVE DESIGN NOMORE BUTANE REFILLS DRIVEWAY TYRE INFLATORS The legendary driveway tyre inflator made in the UK for Australian conditions – now also available in digital. LIFETIME WARRANTY Spline Square Star 12point 6-point rounded 6-point OBDII / EOBD CODE READER Enhanced model with colour screen, live data graphing, automatic VIN recognition, trouble code database &much more! ■ ■ Free lifetime updates ■ ■ Turn off Check Engine light! ■ ■ Both petrol & diesel ■ ■ Compatible with most 2006 & newer cars, SUVs LIVE GRAPHING/ AUTOMATICVIN RECOGNITION 2YEAR WARRANTY INDIVIDUAL CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE ■ ■ 10 second fast start ■ ■ 45 minutes continuous runtime ■ ■ 5mm chisel tip / cone tip / heat shrink tip ■ ■ Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray BUY BOTH& SAVE TM TM ■ ■ Viton seals, resistant to most hydrocarbon based solvents ■ ■ Viewing stripe with graduated scale ■ ■ Innovative pressure release button ■ ■ Protective cap to protect the one way return valve ■ ■ Stable base When you need a professional, durable, dependable sprayer. Made in Europe quality... $ 99 ET2707 $ 59 124PS15 $ 189 ETPRO-50W $ 299 XLF5-MET FLEXIBLE $ 124 124MK4 ANALOGUE $ 299 ETPP3EZ $ 699 ETPP4KIT $ 69 ETPPTV5A $ 69 ETTST2PK 2 PACK 12V CIGARETTE $ 39 ETTST12V 5V USB $ 39 ETTSTUSB $ 159 124MK4DIG DIGITAL 1 February • 30 April 2019 Speed NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW