Kicking Goals Promo Aug - Oct 2019 20PPAO19

Weshouldexplainwhatthis is infewwordslpariaquam explatemrepudamusredolor reprovidque 1 August • 31 October 2019 goals Kicking MLT PRO TRUCK SCAN TOOL LIGHT/MEDIUM TRUCK: Mitsubishi FUSO, Isuzu, Hino, UD, Freightliner COMMERCIALVANS: Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily AMERICANPICK UPS: Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series and Chevy Silverado TRANSMISSION: Allison / Eaton HEAVYTRUCK: All J1939/J1708 Protocols for Read/Clear Code and Live Data ABS: Wabco / Bendix / Wabash OBDIIGENERIC: Read/Clear Codes and Live DataStreamW/ Graphing BLUETOOTH BEANIE LIGHT Integrated rechargeable light & Bluetooth speakers (works with all smart phones). Great for camping, tradies, fishing etc. The perfect accessory for winter! POWERPROBE 3EZ Perform battery checks, charging system checks, fuse checks, voltage checks, component tests... All at the flick of the switch, while being guided through with our two new NEW menu options: EZLEARNING and EZIDIAGNOSTIC. HIGH POWER 200LUMEN LIGHT STEREO SPEAKERS THE ALL NEW MLT PRO For the ULTIMATE level of functionality on Japanese Medium / Light trucks and Sprinter / Iveco Vans The ALL NEWMLT PRO has you covered for vehicles up to 26,000 GVM - With Bi-directional controls, Full Truck scan functionality, Allison / Eaton Transmission coverage, ABS coverage and much more. Don’t overpay for a tool that covers vehicles you don’t need – Get more functionality for the vehicles you work on! V-12 REVERSE BRAKE & CLUTCH BLEEDER Obliterate trapped air fast in brake / clutch systems, and get maximum response from your brake systems! ■ ■ Reverse brake bleeding injects fluid at the low point. System is bled by forcing air up and out the master cylinder ■ ■ Recommended for dry brake / clutch systems ■ ■ Versatile - did you know the V-12 can also be used for pressure / suction brake bleeding? ■ ■ One person operation ■ ■ Attachments included to fit bleed screws / clutch weep holes. ■ ■ Free initial remote training consultation post purchase ■ ■ Australian based technical support only a phone call away ■ ■ We regularly test local Australian vehicles for any updates needed ■ ■ Regular updates & bug fixes (rather than waiting for bi yearly fixes) ■ ■ 2 years free updates for all vehicle categories ■ ■ No lock out once updates expire COMMITTED TOEXCEPTIONAL AFTERMARKET SUPPORT Difference The 9PIN 16PIN 6PIN SMALL ROUND 16PINOBD Real time thermal imaging/ surface temperature measurement. ■ ■ 220 x 160 px resolution ■ ■ Rechargeable lithium battery ■ ■ 3.2” colour screen ■ ■ -20° C to 300° C temp range ■ ■ microSD card to print / email from your PC ■ ■ 1 year warranty Ideal for use in automotive and electrical to diagnose unwanted current draw, seat heaters, demisters, wheel bearings etc ■ ■ 2 Years Free Updates ■ ■ Full Bi-directional Controls ■ ■ DPF Resets & Regens (Aftertreatment Leak Test) ■ ■ Injector Coding ■ ■ EGR Reset on Medium Trucks ■ ■ Turbo Charger Calibration & Activation (Required for Turbo Replacement) ■ ■ VGT Electronic Actuator Installation & Calibration ■ ■ Maintenance Resets ■ ■ Cylinder Performance test ■ ■ SCR Performance test ■ ■ New larger LCD screen ■ ■ Upside down? No problem! New flip screen feature ■ ■ Menu driven. Makes navigating a breeze CALL 1300400750 TOARRANGEAFREE DEMONSTRATION FOR PROFESSIONAL BRAKE& CLUTCH BLEEDING PUSHES FLUIDUP. FORCINGAIRUP ANDOUT MINI SLIMLINE RECHAREGEABLE TORCH ■ ■ 3.7V / 1200 mAh ■ ■ COB LEDs FRONT: 150 Lumen TOP: 30 Lumen Light head pivots 360° THERMAL CAMERA $ 299 ETPP3EZ $ 4680 ET2614 $ 399 ETPH2003-B $ 49 ETBBL $ 79 ET0022A $ 899 ET2026 AUTO RANGING MULTIMETER Professional auto ranging multimeter with temperature probe. $ 49 ET2301B NEW NEW