Fight Back! 16PPMJ20

12V/24VTESTER(W/PRINTER) QualityTools-DesignedtoLast-MadeInTaiwan AMMONIA BASEDCLEANERS HIGH POWER 200LUMEN LIGHT STEREO SPEAKERS POWER PROBE 3EZ Perform battery checks, charging system checks, fuse checks, voltage checks, component tests... All at the flick of the switch, with guidance from our two new NEWmenu options: EZLEARNING and EZIDIAGNOSTIC. ■ New larger LCD screen ■ Upside down? No problem! New flip screen feature ■ Menu driven. Makes navigating a breeze TWINHAMMER LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITEBODY 4POSITION REGULATORDIAL 0-174PSI|0-12Bar ■ Max torque: 850 Nm/ 627ft. lbs ■ 1.76 kg 1/2”SQDRVIMPACTWRENCH SEEFULL RANGE PAGE5» 30W RECHARGEABLE Industrial version suitable for most automotive / industrial tasks. ■ Includes fine point / chisel tip / hot knife ■ Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray CAR / TRUCK TYRE INFLATOR INFRA RED BODY THERMOMETER Designed in Japan, this professional quality unit tests all 12V auto batteries and alternator / crank systems for 12V / 24V, including new stop start batteries. Expanded coverage of new auxiliary batteries for Toyota hybrids. Two year warranty. Get in quick while stocks last. A premium Japanese made impact wrench, with composite body, twin hammer design, and a 2” anvil. This price will not be repeated! BATTERY ALTERNATOR STARTER *NOTSUITABLE FORUSEWITHSTANDARD CRCBRAKLEEN (5091) FOAMSPRAYER MADEINJAPAN 30W Air Boy quality with premium German WIKA gauge/ twin connector. ■ Highly accurate BLUETOOTH BEANIE LIGHT Integrated rechargeable light & Bluetooth speakers (works with all smart phones). Great for camping, tradies, fishing etc. The perfect accessory for winter! (+/- 0.19 Bar) ■ Handle operation eased by compressed air ■ Air escape / deflation valve ■ 50cm hose KEEP WARM! Weshouldexplainwhatthis is infewwordslpariaquam explatemrepudamusredolor reprovidque FOAMSPRAYER FORCARDETAILING TYRESHINE $ 319 ETPP3EZ $ 159 ETPRO-30W $ 349 E1492 2" EXT ANVIL $ 49 ETBBL $ 63 124PS15 VITON PP $ 189 ET2030 $ 129 124150123 ACIDICCLEANERS $ 63 124EP15 EPDM PP $ 63 124VP15 VITON PA $ 63 124FS15 EPDM $ 949 ET8636A DEGREASER ALKALINECLEANERS When you need a professional, durable, dependable sprayer. REPLACEMENTSEALKITANDNOZZLEAVAILABLE INNOVATIVEPRESSURERELEASEBUTTON STABLEBASE 1.5LCAPACITY MADEINEUROPE VIEWING STRIPE WITH GRADUATED SCALE EPDM SEALSFOR MOST CLEANING CHEMICALS 110DEGFOAMNOZZLE NEW SPECIALBUY HOTPRICE NEW Accurate, contactless body temp measurement. 32 – 43 degree C range. High / low temperature warning. ■ +/-0.3 degree C accuracy ■ 0.5s response time ■ Batteries included BRAKECLEANER 1 May • 31 July 2020 FIGHTBACK!