1 OFF HIGHWAY AGRICULTURAL COMMERCIAL R A D I A T O R F L U S H I N G N O Z Z L E I N C L U D E D 30W RECHARGEABLE SOLDERING IRON KIT New generation cordless / lithium battery soldering technology. No more butane refills. Rapid heat technology – 420˚ C in 35 seconds. 45 minutes continuous runtime. ■ ■ Includes fine point / chisel tip / hot knife ■ ■ Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray JET WASHER COMBO PACK ■ ■ Take advantage of the interchangeable nozzles with this value pack. ■ ■ Includes jet washer with both washing and radiator flushing nozzles. KEY FEATURES • BOTH AIR AND WATER FLOW ARE ADJUSTABLE. • NOZZLES ARE INTERCHANGEABLE AND REPLACEABLE. • COMBINES COMPRESSED AIR AND WATER. • SAFER THAN HIGH PRESSURE BLASTING. • CONNECTS TO STANDARD WATER CONNECTORS. HD PRO TAB With a Californian heritage, CanDo delivers extensive OE level coverage of Asian / Australian / European / US trucks, agriculture and construction vehicles (including CAT / John Deere). IP65 RATING / WATER RESISTANT INCLUDES: MULTIPLE CONNECTORS, DOCKING STATION POWERFUL 1.8GHZ QUADCORE PROCESSOR 2,500mAh BATTERY 10SECOND FASTSTART POWERPROBE 4 MASTER KIT The PowerProbe 4 builds on the PowerProbe 3 functionality, adding additional diagnostic modes including Fuel Injector Tester (petrol), PCM / ECM driver tester and ECT signal tracer. Get all this, plus a lead kit and the ECT3000 circuit tracer & short finder in this master kit. THE HOOK Own the ultimate! Easy, Smart & Powerful ■ ■ Works on 12 - 48V DC systems ■ ■ Powers large loads up to 100A inrush - 25A continuous ■ ■ Adjustable circuit breaker (2A - 65A) ■ ■ Hot shot mode (load test power & grounds in only 7ms) ■ ■ Voltage drop (see battery voltage drop on screen) ■ ■ Smart tip technology automatically selects Ohmeter or voltmeter function (and selects correct range) BLUETOOTH BEANIE LIGHT Integrated rechargeable light & Bluetooth speakers (works with all smart phones). Great for camping, tradies, fishing etc. The perfect accessory for winter! SOCKET CARRY TRAY 1/4" & 3/8" & 1/2" Durable steel tray to organise all your sockets. 80x LOCKING CLIPS to hold sockets securely. Compact 45cm x 15cm size. And with handle to make it easy to carry around! ■ ■ 20x 1/4" Sq Drv clips ■ ■ 30x 3/8" Sq Drv clips ■ ■ 30x 1/2" Sq Drv clips The Difference COMMITTEDTOEXCEPTIONAL AFTERMARKETSUPPORT OE LEVEL TRUCK SCAN TOOL HIGH POWER 200LUMEN LIGHT STEREO SPEAKERS SEEPAGE 4/5FOR MORE DETAILS TWISTLOCK CLIPS Regulate water Regulate air $ 699 ETPP4KIT $ 149 ETPRO-30W $ 189 124102190 $ 929 ETPPH1 $ 9729 ET2608 $ 49 ETBBL $ 69 ET2280 Optional flamelesstip forheatshrink ETPRO-H12 $ 25 NEW NEW NEW ■ ■ Free initial remote training consultation post purchase ■ ■ Australian based technical support only a phone call away ■ ■ We regularly test local Australian vehicles for any updates required ■ ■ Regular updates & bug fixes (rather than waiting for bi yearly fixes) ■ ■ 2 years free updates for all vehicle categories ($2,800 bonus value) ■ ■ No lock out once updates expire