16PPFA18 Driving Innovation

1 February − 30 April 2018 driving innovation SPECIAL FUNCTION SERVICE TOOL For workshops / mechanics needing a standalone tool for special functions across multiple vehicle brands. Engine scan functionality limited to OBDII. Easy USB update procedure / Free updates $ 489 ET2336 NEW 360° SWIVEL RECHARGEABLE LED INSPECTION LIGHT 240V HEAT INDUCTOR (800W) Uses induction technology to accurately deliver concentrated heat for removing rusted / corroded ferrous objects. Faster / safer / more precise than oxy-acetylene. Minimises risk of collateral damage, and reduces the cool down period saving time & money ■ ■ Supplied with 3 coils & 1m rope coil 12WRECHARGEABLE LITHIUMSOLDERING IRON SMOKE PRO TRUCK AIR BRAKE NANOLEAK FINDER $ 89 LED-360 NEW $ 799 ET8800 NEW TEST Diagnose leaks with 100% accuracy. Simple 1 minute test cycle with clear green / red pass / fail indicator FIND Find leaks fast with the electronic handheld Nanoleak detecctor CERTIFY Certify leak free status with 100% certainty FEATURES ■ ■ Test pressure up to 135PSI ■ ■ Runs on shop air / 12V DC ■ ■ Weighs only 8.2kg Cordless soldering without butane. New rapid heat technology + 90 minute run time. Heats to 420oC in 35 seconds. Max temperature 540oC. Innovative 360o swivel & tilt design, using a unique ball joint design. Two magnets on back / one on bottom for hands free usage. Simple USB charging. 3/4” IMPACTWRENCH COMPACT BODY 2 YEAR WARRANTY Our most powerful standard 12V jump starter! Extra grunt for the most demanding jump start applications! 12V JUMP STARTER|POWER BANK STARTS ALL PASSENGER VEHICLES & 4WDS $ 279 ET6797 ■ ■ Up to 8L diesel! ■ ■ A must have for professional workshops. ■ ■ 2.1A USB and 12V DC outputs. DETECT BRAKE LINE LEAKS NO FLAME BOLT REMOVAL COMPACT BODY 360 o ROTATION MASSIVE STARTING POWER ESSENTIAL SERVICE FUNCTIONS RECHARGEABLE | NO BUTANE ARRIVING MARCH ORDER NOW ARRIVING MARCH ORDER NOW A powerful, well balanced 3/4” gun – but compact / lightweight. Weighing only 1.8kg but delivering 1,300 Ft Lbs max torque! Twin hammer / composite body / variable speed trigger. $ 89 PRO-25 NEW $ 5695 ET5705 NEW $ 499 RMAX-IMP34C NEW 1,400A PEAK CCA 20,000mAh BATTERY OIL LIGHT RESET GEAR LEARN EPB TPMS CVT DPF INJECTOR CODING TESTS & LOCATES THE LOCATION OF ALL HIGH PRESSURE LEAKS Stand USB Charging