16PPNJ20 Catch a Break

Catch a break 1 November • 31 January 2020 OIL LIGHT RESET BATTERY CONFIGURATION STEERING ANGLE SENSOR THROTTLE BODY ALIGNMENT ABS / AIRBAG RESET EPB SERVICE GEAR LEARNING DPF TPMS INJECTOR CODING ABS BLEEDING IMMOBLISER Weshouldexplainwhatthis is infewwordslpariaquam explatemrepudamusredolor reprovidque 360° SWIVEL RECHARGEABLE SLIM TORCH 1 ConeTip ChiselTip USBCharging MainLight MicroUSB chargingport protected TopLight Super SLIM worklight! Powerful COB LEDs deliver up to 600 Lumen with an intensity control dial. Unique ball joint knuckle delivers 360° rotation. What more can you want from a torch! 360˚ ROTATION Adjustable intensity controlswitchfor worklight TopTorch ON/OFFSwitch Strongmagnet forhandsfreeuse POWER PROBE III MASTER KIT A great value kit featuring the legendary Power Probe III. - the digital voltmeter that also provides diagnostic power with the click of a switch. Includes deluxe lead kit, and ECT3000 circuit tracer and short finder. Essential tools for every technician. 30W RECHARGEABLE SOLDERING IRON Cordless / lithium battery soldering technology. ■ ■ Rapid heat: 420˚ C in 35 seconds. ■ ■ 45 minutes continuous runtime. i70 WORKSHOP SCAN TOOL The all new Foxwell i70 - a high powered android tablet offering unbeatable value for money. We've now added ABS Bleeding and Immobiliser functions to the already extensive list of service functions. Full vehicle scan functionality (more than just Engine / Gearbox / ABS / SRS). Pre / Post scan reports are now just a click away with inbuilt wifi. The Carscope I-Tester provides an accurate relative compression test — WITHOUT the need to remove any spark / glow plugs. COMPRESSION TESTER SIMPLY CONNECT TOBATTERY ORSTARTER MOTOR TIME SAVER! TESTWHOLE ENGINEIN UNDER2 MINUTES ■ ■ 7" daylight readable LCD screen ■ ■ Android 5.1 ■ ■ Quad Core Processor ■ ■ 1GB RAM ■ ■ WIFI, micro USB, USB ■ ■ 32GB Hard drive ■ ■ 5 MP Rear Camera ■ ■ 4000 mAh Lithium battery SAVE VEHICLECODES /RADIOSETTINGS WHENCHANGING BATTERIES BONUS ET6788 MEMORY SAVERCABLE 12V JUMP STARTER /POWER BANK STARTS ALL PASSENGER VEHICLES & 4WDS Our most powerful 12V lithium jump starter! Extra grunt for the most demanding jump start applications! Up to 8L diesel! Amust have for professional workshops. ■ ■ 2.1A USB / 12V DC outputs ■ ■ Supplied in handy carry case. 1,400A PeakCCA 20,000mAh BATTERY ■ ■ Test Diesel / Petrol relative compression in less than 2 mins. ■ ■ Tests each individual cylinder. ■ ■ Works on all 12V vehicles up to 12 cylinders. ■ ■ Synchronised test can detect which cylinder is low on compression (Optional cylinder trace / pick up required). BONUS ET0090-OBD TESTVIA OBDPORT AIR SAW Professional quality air saw, ideal for genearl use / panel shop applications. ■ ■ Comfortable rubber grip ■ ■ 1.5mmmild steel / 3.2mm aluminium cutting capacity. $ 589 ET0090 $ 1795 ET6742 $ 99 ETPRO-30 $ 129 AT313BP $ 569 ETPP3KIT $ 279 ET6797 $ 99 LED-370 FULLENGINE SCAN FUNCTIONALITY ENHANCED SERVICE FUNCTIONS 2YEAR FREE UPDATES AUSTRALIAN FORD/ HOLDEN COVERAGE NEW NEW