1 MAY - 31 JULY 2018 33-10 Socket Set RECHARGEABLE SLIMLINE TORCH AUTO RANGINGMULTIMETER W/ TEMPERATURE PROBE SMOKEPRO READY SMOKE LEAK DETECTOR ENDEAVOUR 30WLITHIUMSOLDERING IRONKIT BLUETOOTH BEANIE LIGHT ■ ■ Includes fine point | chisel | hot knife ■ ■ Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray ■ ■ Includes temperature probe ■ ■ Batteries included ■ ■ Includes accessory kit ■ ■ Uses shop air / 12V DC power ■ ■ High power 200 Lumen light ■ ■ Stereo speakers (with SIRI control) ■ ■ Microphone for hands free calling New generation cordless / rechargeable soldering technology. No more butane refills. New rapid heat technology – 420˚ C in 35 seconds. Powerful 30W output for professional soldering jobs. 45 minutes continuous runtime. Great value auto ranging True RMS multimeter. Highly accurate, easy to use. 6,000 counts display. Measures current up to 10A. Made in USA quality, yet at an affordable low price. Compact size, and under 4kg. No expensive dyes needed. Injects smoke into the engine - EASILY find vacuum leaks. Avoid incorrect diagnosis and parts guessing. Snap up this great deal! Buy this stubby (133mm) ratchet wrench and get a BONUS set of famous SEK (Made in Japan) metric deep sockets. Integrated rechargeable light & Bluetooth speakers (works with all smart phones). Great for camping, tradies, fishing etc. The perfect accessory for winter! GRIP ON LOCKING PLIER PACK (3 PCE) CURVED JAW| LONG NOSE PLIERS BLACK SNAKE STUBBY 3/8” AIR RATCHETWRENCH Value pack of three popular locking pliers. MADE IN SPAIN, Grip On locking pliers are made for the professional user. Epoxy resin is 20x more corrosion resistant than nickel. No pinch / quick release. Ergonomic adjustment knob. ■ ■ Kit includes 5” & 10” curved jaw (with wire cutter) and 6” long nose pliers 2 YEAR WARRANTY $ 79 ET0022A $ 169 RMAX-RATC38S $ 149 ETPRO-30W $ 39 ET2301B $ 59 GO3PK $ 49 ETBBL $ 1149 ET5004 Ultra-thin design 180º pivot USB Charging Recessed metal lock & strong magnet Front: 200 lumen Top: 100 lumen 3.7V/1200 mAh Li-poly MADE IN USA