Groz Tyre Bead Breaker Hammer

2016 NEW! FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US AT: + I [email protected] I Tyre Bead Breaker Hammer A unique tyre & wheel service hammer used for separating tyres from wheel rims. Often the tyre bead gets frozen/ stuck to the rim due to corrosion/ rust and must be broken free manually. The Groz tyre bead hammer is ideal for use in such applications. Used like a chisel it leverages mechanical advantage to drive the bead away from the rim. Manufactured using the Groz unique Indestructible hammer technology, this hammer outlasts wood and fibre glass hammers by thousands of strikes. The fully forged hammer head incorporates : đŏ Bead breaking Wedge: Convex shape wedge penetrates the tyre bead e!ectively. Groove on the convex shape creates easy passage for the tyre lube into the bead. đŏ Top hook: is used as a wheel tipper to break the bead on the other side of the wheel đŏ Sledge edge: has a hook to drag the tyre into position Indestructible handle is made from spring steel bars that runs through the handle. Bars are locked with the hammer head using steel locking plates ensuring that the head never gets dislodged Ergonomic rubber grip handle absorbs vibrations & reduces fatigue Special bonding process ensures that the head never gets loose from the handle. -10°C TO 50°C (14°F TO 122°F) WORKING TEMPERATURE RANGE PATENT PENDING TBID ORDERING INFORMATION CAT NR. ORD NR. HEAD WEIGHT HANDLE LENGTH SPRING STEEL BARS lbs kg Inch mm TBID/5/20 34750 5 2.2 20 500 4 TBIT/10/32 34751 10 4.5 32 800 6 Steel Locking Plate Spring Steel Bars Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle Convex shaped wedge penetrates the tyre bead & loosens it Top Hook used to tip wheel to change sides Grooves create easy passage for the tyre lube into the bead Sledge Edge with a hook to drag tyre into position