ASME Safety Valve

1/4" NPT Male | 80 PSI
SKU: 190SV04-80

SKU 190SV04-80
Barcode # 9335111004212
Brand Sonsbeek
Size 1/4" NPT
Type ASME Safety Valve
Max Working Pressure 80 PSI
Material Brass

12 Months

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Air Boy Soda Blaster Media

Air Boy Soda Blaster Media

Replacement soda blasting media for the Air Boy soda blaster. Soda blasting media is pure NAHCO3 (baking soda), with particle size optimised for soda blasting.

  • 5kg container
  • Always use P2 respiratory protection

Air Boy Soda Blasting Gun

Air Boy Soda Blasting Gun

SKU: 124145154

Air Boy Soda Blasting Gun

Soda blasting is a fast and gentle method of removing paint, carbon, surface rust etc. It neither warms up / stretches sheet metal, and does not damage glass, rubber or plastic.

The soda media is environmentally friendly. It is not dangerous but may be harmful if inhaled as dust. So always use P2 respiratory protection, hearing protection, and eye and facemask when blasting.

Use with air compressors with at least a 450 litre air / min rating, and always use a water trap. Replacement soda media is available.

  • Precision nozzle requiring no manual adjustment
  • Optional wide nozzles available for faster blasting
  • Soda is environmentally friendly

Inline Check Valve

Inline Check Valves


Inline Check Valves

Small and Compact

Body is Brass Nickel Plated

Arrow indicates direction of flow

Intake Filters

Intake Filters



Intake Filters

Replacement air intake filter assembly designed to simply screw into the air compressor.

Intake Filters

Intake Filters



Intake Filters

99%+ removal efficiency standard: Paper = 2 micron, Polyester = 5 micron

Ability to mount vertically, horizontally

Durable carbon steel construction with powder coated finish or galvanized steel

Filter change out differential: 10” – 15” in. H2O above initial Delta P

Fully drawn weather hood- no wealds to rust or vibrate apart

Interchangeable elements: Polyester, Paper, HEPA

Patented high grade filter element

Temp (continuous): min -15o F (-26 o C) max 220 o F (104 oC)

Tubular silencing design- tube is positioned to maximize attenuation and air flow while minimizing pressure drop

Typical noise attenuation up to 25 dB’s

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Cold Start ValveCold Start ValveCold Start Valve

Cold Start Valves


Cold Start Valves

Cold start valves bleed air from the compressor head during the first few pump revolutions, thus reducing motor staring torque requirements. These valves are especially helpful on oil lubed pumps that may be subject to low temperatures and low starting voltages.

Flat Silencers

Flat Silencers


Flat Silencers

Working Temperature: From -20oC to 150oC

Body: Brass

Sub Base: Brass

Silencer: Sintered bronze

Flexible Hose

Flexible Hose

1/2" BSP


Flexible Hose

Replacement flexible hose for compressors.

  • 330mm long
  • 1/2" BSP female fittings