T50 Torx Bit Socket | 113mm OL

1/2" Sq Drv
SKU: ET0030-T50


  • T50 Torx bit socket
  • 113mm overall length
  • 1/2" Sq Drv

SKU ET0030-T50
Barcode # 9321280390218
Brand Automotive

12 Months

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Alternator Flywheel Removal Kit

Alternator Flywheel Removal Kit

A compact set of specialised bits for alternator service work. These allow for the easy removal of "over running" alternator pulleys either on, or off the vehicle. They lock the alternator shaft into position to allow the pulley retainer to be removed.

  • 6 Pt / 12 Pt bits for Bosch type alternator free wheel drive pulleys
  • Applications include: Alfa | Audi | BMW | Citroen | Fiat | Holden | Mercedes | Mitsubishi | Renault | Seat | Skoda | Volvo
  • For a more comprehensive kit see ET0030.

Alternator Service Kit

Alternator Service Kit

For vehicles with over-running alternator decoupler pulleys and oneway clutches.

Alternator pulleys will often fail before the actual alternator. This kit allows for the efficient replacement of pulleys on most vehicles.

  • Applications: Bosch | Valeo alternators with over-running alternator pulleys (OAP).

BMW Mini Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool

BMW Mini Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool

Retracts the serpentine belt tensioner to assist with belt replacement. 2 small pins spaced 36mm apart. Supplied with locking pin to lock the tensioner.

  • Application: Mini Cooper S 1.6L 16V SOHC | W11

BMW Mini Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

BMW Mini Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

A pair of serpentine belt tools for the BMW Mini (07-), including N12 | N14 | N16 | N18 petrol engines. These tools are designed to remove the spring loaded serpentine belt adjuster to allow servicing of the serpentine belts.

These two tools fit all engines.

  • 21mm x 12 Point | 30mm x 12 Point
  • 568mm OL
  • OEM Equiv: 11 6 210
  • Applications: R55 | R56 | R57 | R58 | R59 | R60 | R61

BMW Stretch Belt Installer BMW Stretch Belt Installer

BMW Stretch Belt Installer

An essential tool for installing stretch ribbed belts on BMW 2.0L | 3.0L engines without causing damage.

  • Engine codes: M47TUD20 | M57TUD30
  • OEM Equiv: 11 0 330