10mm ID Airline Hose

30m | Euro Style | Safety Adaptor
SKU: 200AIR1030525SA

With Euro Style Safety Adaptor

Adaptor Style
Hose Style
Hose Type
Internal Dia
Min Burst Pressure
Working Pressure

SKU 200AIR1030525SA
Barcode # 9335111002331
Brand Sonsbeek
Adaptor Style Euro Style
Hose Style Fitted hose
Hose Type Airline
Internal Dia 10mm
Length 30m
Material PVC
Min Burst Pressure 6.4 MPA
Type Safety Adaptor
Working Pressure 232 PSI


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The soda media is environmentally friendly. It is not dangerous but may be harmful if inhaled as dust. So always use P2 respiratory protection, hearing protection, and eye and facemask when blasting.

Use with air compressors with at least a 450 litre air / min rating, and always use a water trap. Replacement soda media is available.

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  • Optional wide nozzles available for faster blasting
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Fully Automatic draining filter unit, suitable for modular mounting:

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  • Float type - No Electrical connections required
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