Air Boy Brake Bleeder Rubber End Connector

SKU: 124143205

Air Boy

Replacement Part For Air Boy Brake Bleeders

SKU 124143205
Barcode # 9321280021440
Brand Air Boy


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Ajax XL Wrench Set

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Ajax XL Wrench Set

Extra long double box wrench set designed for accessing hard to reach areas. Mirror chrome finish. Made from durable 6140 alloy steel.

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Air Boy Brake Bleeder

Air Boy Brake Bleeder

Suction Type

SKU: 124143100

Air Boy Brake Bleeder

Single person operation for quickly / cleanly bleeding brakes. Uses shop air for fast brake bleeding.

Kabo Torque Wrench | 3/8" Sq Drv

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Professional quality (ISO 6789), with calibration certificate (±3% accuracy).

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Female Torx Plus (EPL) Socket Set Female Torx Plus (EPL) Socket Set

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Torx Plus is a variant of Torx, with the ends being more rounded. As such, standard Torx sockets cannot be used to drive Torx Plus bolts. These sockets are the female version of standard Torx Plus bits.

Torx Plus is a registered trademark of Camcar Textron.

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  • 3/8" Sq Drv
  • Supplied on socket rail

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