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Parasitic Current Digital Clamp Meter

Low DC Current
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Ideal For Measuring Parasitic Drain

Extremely accurate meter for dark current & alternator charging current measurement. For professional workshops.

  • 5mA - 4000mA DC range for dark current measurement
  • 40A / 200A DC range for normal DC current measurement
  • Conductor dia: 20mm
  • Noise cut clamp core
  • Stable LCD readings even with low current
  • IEC 61010-1 (CAT III 300V CAT I 600V, EMC Test Passed)

SKU ET7830
Barcode # 9321280372023
Brand Kaise
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Fuse Adaptor Lead

Break into the fuse panel quickly & easily. 4mm banana connectors.
For use with stanadard multimeters

  • Mini blade fuse
  • 20A / 12-48V DC measuring range
  • +/- 2% accuracy

12V / 24V Battery Tester

12V / 24V Battery Tester

Designed in Japan, this professional quality unit tests all 12V auto batteries, including new auxiliary batteries for Toyota hybrids.

  • Battery charging level
  • Battery condition
  • Engine start performance
  • Charging system (alternator)
  • Tests auxiliary batteries for Toyota Hybrids
  • Unused battery test mode
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Air Boy Brake Bleeder

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Turbo System Leak Detector

Turbo System Leak Detector

Effective diagnostic tool for determining whether faults are due to the turbo system, or simple air leaks.

  • Includes 3 pairs of stepped adaptors to fit most sizes found on commercial vehicles.
  • Includes pressure gauge, shut off valve, and pressure release valve.
  • Adaptor sizes: 105 - 130mm

Digital LED Circuit Tester Kit Digital LED Circuit Tester Kit

Digital LED Circuit Tester Kit

Packaged in a BMC, this circuit tester has a standard 4mm connector which can be used with standard multimeter probes.

Wire piercer / probes / alligator clip included.

  • Not for use with airbags / vehicle computers.
  • For use with DC voltage only.

Endeavour Relay Tester Endeavour Relay Tester

Endeavour Relay Tester

  • Quickly test 4 types of electro mechanical relays
  • Test relay coil resistance / relay contacts / cyclic testing
  • Four / five pin relays can be tested (not late model Ford 4 pin)
  • Relay coil resistance 20 - 500 Ohms

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AC / DC Current Sensor Clamp

AC / DC Current Sensor Clamp

This current sensor clamp is designed to test current and leakage of circuits below 600V. A practical unit with compact size, high accuracy and good stability. Supplied with BNC connectors.

  • 25mm x 30mm clamp size.
  • 0 - 1,000A AC / DC range.
  • BNC plugs output interface
  • 2m output wire length
  • IEC1010-1 | Cat III (600V)

Auto / Manual Ranging Multimeter Auto / Manual Ranging Multimeter

Auto / Manual Ranging Multimeter

Next generation multimeter. Auto / manual ranging. Push button function selection. Highly accurate 9999 counts triple display. Non contact voltage. Backlight

A superb unit!

Auto Ranging Multimeter Auto Ranging Multimeter

Auto Ranging Multimeter

Great value auto ranging True RMS multimeter. Highly accurate, easy to use. 6,000 counts display. Measures current up to 10A.

  • Includes temperature probe
  • Batteries included

Auto Ranging Multimeter Auto Ranging Multimeter

Auto Ranging Multimeter

Next gen technology! Use App to REMOTELY CONTROL multimeter, log data, graph live data etc. Ideal for hazardous environments, remote measurement (eg trucks) etc. 1000V CAT III

  • Battery included

Automotive Multimeter Automotive Multimeter

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DC / SQUARE WAVE OUTPUT. This multimeter can generate square wave output from 0.1v - 12.0v, duty cycle from 10 - 90%, and 20Hz - 3000Hz. Plus full integrated automotive DMM, optional 600A current clamp.